There is nothing like the first sip of a fresh glass of water, from your water systems that is. Drinking out of water bottles or any other type of wasteful beverage supply chain is not where true healthy water exists. It lies behind your own tap, and what you decide to do with it. Bevi is on a mission to reinvent water to provide people with healthy, clean, and safe drinks locally sourced from their very own taps.

Bevi is a newly launched company that delivers internet-connected machines that can produce beverage trends, notify you when stock is running low. While doing all this, at the same time, Bevi is helping to save the planet by decreasing wasteful beverage supply. It is the smart water cooler that is changing the game for water.


Are you looking for new ways to enjoy the water at work or avoid drinking out of bottles? Bevi can provide you with a large variety of water options that do not require anything besides a touch of a button. Eliminating one bottled or canned beverage one pour at a time, Bevi is paving the way to a new future:

About Bevi

Bevi is basically a computer that generates specially crafted water beverages on demand. Think of it as a futuristic cooler, one that involves a touch screen of options and a cooler of fresh filtered water that contains Bevi’s latest filtering technologies.

Three friends who shared the same vision and passion for clean water and our environment founded Bevi in 2013. They created the idea of this new water system because they wanted to out-design bottled water, one of the most wasteful products in the world.

Today Bevi is helping the world one drink at a time. The Bevi systems are now available in different options, giving individuals the option to use Bevi at home or in businesses. The great thing is you will never have to worry about it running out since it is hooked up to your tap. Bevi is a never-seen-before technology that is bringing fresh and healthy water into people’s lives.

How It Works

Pouring water has never been easier or more eco-friendly. Bevi is a one-stop shop where individuals can get stilled or sparkling water in the office or at home. The machine is connected to the locally sourced tap, so none of the water or beverages are coming from supply chains.

Through a touch-screen dispenser, the Bevi system makes it simple for individuals to choose their drink. You can either choose to have plain fresh water, sparkling water, or choose to flavor your still or sparkling beverage. All flavors are made with natural ingredients—Bevi only uses healthy ingredients and always will.

To use the Bevi system, you simply place your cup under the dispenser and touch the screen to view beverage options. Hold the drink of your choice down until your cup is filled, and enjoy the taste of a fresh eco-friendly beverage.

You can completely personalize your drink using Bevi, with features that allow you to choose how much flavor you want, the amount of water you need, or whether you want sparkling or still water. You get to decide the number and variety of the drinks you want. Bevi technically offers unlimited drinks because it runs from your tap. The Bevi technology is simple and easy to navigate, making it the ultimate water source in the office or at home.


There is something for everyone with Bevi. Their water system is good for the workplace culture, our environment and you. With the many different flavor varieties and the option for fizz, Bevi can suit just about any palate.

It is also a healthy alternative for those who enjoy sodas or other carbonated drinks. Their flavorful and fizzy water is a wonderful alternative. The easier people can have access to good water at work or at home, the better. Water is a superior choice compared to sugary sodas. Water flushes out toxins, therefore promoting weight loss, boosting the immune system, and increasing energy. Not to mention, it fits perfectly into your office or your counter space at home!

Bevi Products

Does this sound like something your office desperately needs? Bevi offers the Standup Bevi and the Countertop Bevi to better service your workspace, home, and refreshment needs.