Myth or Fact – Coffee Makes You Use The Restroom

Does a comforting cup of warm coffee seem to “get things moving” sometimes a little too quickly? Before enjoying a cup of coffee, are you sure to pinpoint the location of the nearest bathroom? Is coffee really to blame for your sudden need to run to the toilet? It turns out this sensation isn’t uncommon; […]


Why Does Caffeine Affect The Brain

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Exploring Why Not Having Your Office Coffee Might Be Making You Feel Sick Coffee. When prepared just right, it is a warm, comforting drink for many. Made from expertly roasted coffee beans, coffee is native to many tropical climates, including Africa and South America. Coffee dates all the way back to the 15th century, where […]


When to Drink Your Coffee, According To Science

If you’re like most coffee drinkers, you enjoy a cup first thing in the morning. But what if “bright and early” isn’t the optimal time to take the first drink? Health Benefits of Coffee With substantial information being shared about its health benefits, it’s hard to deny that you’re doing your body good by starting […]


Is Direct Trade Coffee the Same as Fair Trade?

The terms “direct trade” and “fair trade” are two of the buzzwords describing specialty coffee these days. Both connote hard workers toiling away in lush rainforests while still preserving the environment in which coffee beans thrive. It may seem that these terms can be used interchangeably. In fact, though direct trade and fair trade coffee […]


High Quality Brew From Any Coffee Maker

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How to Drip Out the Best Cup o’ Joe From Your Coffee Maker That auto drip coffee maker might not seem like such a great idea when you want an artisan tasting cup of coffee. We get it. You might not have the best equipment that handles this type of joe. However, there are many […]