Office Snack Stats—How Your Employees Value Breakroom Perks

employees in breakroom

The breakroom, which started as a humble reprieve from the monotony of the office, has transformed into a dedicated space at the workplace where employees go to recharge and enjoy a cup of energy-boosting coffee, a meal, or snacks.   The breakroom of today is nothing like its counterparts of yesteryear. Today’s breakrooms are painted with colors that are scientifically […]


10 Tips for Building a Sustainable Workplace

sustainable office products

They say one small step can be the catalyst toward lasting change. Over the past several years, the conversation about limiting our carbon footprint and taking serious steps towards reverting the damage on the planet has been at the forefront of family, geo-political, education, and corporate discussions. Large and small businesses in a variety of […]


How to Create an Office Design that Works for Your Team

Over the past year and a half, office workers throughout New York traded in their cubicles for their couches, their button-down shirts for their favorite pair of pajama pants, and their go-to breakroom coffee for whatever was on hand at home. Now, the days of cubicle life, beige paint, and squeaky office chairs are gone. […]


Boosting Your Immune Health With Teas In The New Year

Tea shouldn’t just be introduced at the onset of colds, flu, and other illness. We can use tea to boost our immune health and even prevent illness. We breakdown the top teas based on their immune-boosting properties below. Turmeric Turmeric in the diet has been shown to help the immune system which is helpful to […]


Coffee Bean Roast 101: The Differences and Finding Your Favorite

Most of us love sitting down in the morning to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, we may even need it to start our day to provide the energy we need to get us through. There are many different varieties of coffee bean roasts that we can choose from.  Everyone has different preferences on what […]