Office Coffee….Redefined. Whether it’s a K-Cup or our pod singles, a bean or a traditional brew, a national brand, a locally roasted artisan coffee or our brand new cold brew coffee, it’s no longer the same old cup of Joe.  Let us help you find the perfect café style brew just for you! Corporate Coffee Systems provides office coffee services to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Office Coffee Service

An online study in 2013 by the National Coffee Association revealed that as many as 83 percent of American adults consume coffee. With these wide statistics, it is a great idea to make coffee an addition to your team. Supplying coffee for your team during meetings and working hours can prove to be a great productivity and morale booster.

Recent research has also shown that employees are better positioned for productivity when they get the energy refill needed during short breaks.

Top of the Line Coffee Service For Top of the Line Businesses

We at Corporate Coffee Systems understand that you work hard, and the same can be said of your employees. We aim to help you put in place a method to show them how much they are appreciated for bringing their effort, skills, expertise and other ideas to the company. Through our New York City workplace refreshment options, we are able to offer you the premium quality coffee which your office and employees deserve. We know that employees work better in short bursts and we are ready to help you improve their productivity while also creating an environment where they feel fulfilled and relaxed.

Corporate Coffee Systems is proud to offer premium quality coffee which has been produced from the finest quality beans that have undergone the best roasting processes to give it the desired taste, smell, and overall satisfaction on your taste buds. If you are in search of the best ways to get your employees ready for the day, we are ready to fulfill your needs without hassles.

Our office coffee service has been designed to be effortless and hassle-free. We offer you and your employees world-class specialty coffees which are provided in whole bean bags, freshly ground bags, easy-to-use, and convenient fractional packs, and also K-cups. You are sure to have a wide range of options to choose from to meet the specific needs of your office, employees and clients.

Our Coffee Solutions

As part of our office coffee services, including commercial brewing equipment, businesses can choose from a plethora of options we carry including:

  • Pod singles: Freshly ground café-style coffee which is enclosed individually in wrapped filter paper, giving each employee the desired taste one cup at a time. Tear one of these gourmet pods open for a wonderful coffee aroma and taste.

  • Cold brew coffee: Cold brewing redefines your perception of coffee. It offers freshly roasted, coarse ground coffee soaked in cold water for 24 hours. Savor the taste which is enhanced by the absence of heat.

  • Whole bean: This delivers that old-school brew scent in a variety of café style choices to meet your needs. Want a customizable taste? Here’s your pick.

  • Locally roasted: We are in partnership with local roasters who have kept their quality above industry standards for years, offering you this unique taste, aroma, and overall experience.

  • K-cup pods: We carry so many flavors and top brands to suit your specific needs. Our K-Cup Pod solution is guaranteed to be unbeatable. Try it.

  • Flavia Freshpacks: Want to create a one-of-a-kind experience? Combine multiple Freshpacks to create your signature coffee.

  • Fractional packs: Commonly known as Frac Pacs, these pre-measured and freshly sealed packages offer you consistent flavor with every cup made.

  • Ground coffee: A convenient alternative to whole beans. Choose from the varieties we offer.

  • Espresso: Popular in Italy and making its way around the world, our espresso solution is guaranteed to get even the biggest espresso aficionado excited.