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In bustling areas like New York, Oyster Bay, and Jersey City, it’s important to provide your team with a great break room that includes fresh and clean water. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered with the Bevi water cooler. More than just a water dispenser, Bevi offers benefits that are perfect for today’s workplaces. Here’s why you need a Bevi water dispenser in your New York break room.

Customization: Make it Yours

One of the best parts of Bevi is that it lets you customize your drinks. You can choose between still or sparkling water and add natural fruit flavors or enhancements. This helps everyone stay hydrated and refreshed all day long. It’s a simple yet effective perk your team will love!

Sustainability in the Break Room

The less plastic waste, the better! With Bevi, you can cut down on plastic by getting rid of single-use plastic water bottles. With bottleless coolers, your team can use reusable water bottles to fill up at work. This eco-friendly option not only helps your company meet its green goals but also provides a refreshing drink option.

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Bevi Water Cooler Offers Something for Everyone

Bevi has lots of flavors, from classic ones like lemon and lime to more unique ones like cucumber mint and peach. These flavors make drinking water more enjoyable and cater to different tastes. Remember, it’s the little changes that can make a big impact. Starting with a premium water service is the perfect first step.

Add an Extra Boost

In addition to natural flavors, your team can choose to add a vitamin boost, electrolytes, or caffeine for an extra boost throughout the workday.  It can be the perfect little pick-me-up during busy days, helping them stay focused and energized. You know what that means? A more productive and happy team.

Fits Into Your Space

We’ll help you choose the Bevi water cooler that works for your workplace. We offer floor-standing and countertop options. These space-saving models can be installed next to your New York City vending machines or elevate your coffee bar area. It’s also the perfect complementary service to your micro-market.

Bevi isn’t just a water cooler. It’s a smart choice for your office break room. Bevi has everything you need to keep your team hydrated and healthy. Ready to learn more? Contact us today to get started!