Corporate Coffee Systems Office Refreshment

For more information, contact us today! 800.284.CORP Total 1 The Total 1 brewer o ers stylish and innovative design features that would blend into any o ce decor. Just place your finger on the interactive color touch screen and within seconds you will have freshly brewed gourmet co ees, cocoas, cappuccinos, mochas and lattes! Specifications: 44”H x 19”W x 28”D 145 lbs 1800W ¼" plumbed-in cold water 10.4’’ HD touchscreen Features Include: 3 whole bean and 3 powder hoppers Environmentally friendly & sustainable Iced co ee option (ice machine required) Hot water option Vending compatible Cup sizes: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz (Customizable) 3 brew strengths