Corporate Coffee Systems Office Refreshment Solutions

For more information, contact us today! 800.284.CORP PROVIDed by 7 Series Sleek, elegant and compact ice machine and dispensers that complement your o ce environment. The 7 Series is available in countertop, undercounter and tower models. Holding 7 lbs of ice storage, it is ideal for serving a 25-50 person o ce. Features Include: Drainless - no drain is required. Attractive - stylish design complements any work space. 7 lbs of ice storage. Sanitary - touch dispense eliminates direct contact with ice. Antimicrobial - Agion® antimicrobial treatment of critical components inhibits bacteria and biofilm growth on the treated surface. Countertop Specifications: 17.59”H x 14.62”W x 22.12”D 90 lbs 6900W ¼" plumbed-in cold water Tower Specifications: 42”H x 14.62”W x 22.12”D 120 lbs 6900W ¼" plumbed-in cold water BOTTLELESS ICE