ReFUEL Your Workplace 800-284-CORP *Rainforest Alliance Certified // **Fair Trade Certified Coffee Pods 6 boxes of 16 per cs Colombia Las Hermosas RIPC Chocolate Buttercrunch RIPCB Colombia Decaf Dark SWP RIPSWPDCB Donut Shop Original RIPDS Donut Shop Decaf RIPDSD Donut Shop Original Dark RIPDSDK Espresso Dark RIPEDK Firefly Decaf SWP * RIPCD French Caramel RIPFC French Roast Organic RIPFR French Vanilla RIPFV House Blend RIPH Island Reserve RIPIR Kona Blend RIPKB Privateer Dark RIPPDK Pumpkin Spice˚ RIPPS Sumatra Ketmabe Dark RIPSDK Sunday Morning RIPSM Vanilla Hazelnut Cream RIPVH Vanilla Hazelnut Cream Decaf RIPVHD Coffee Pods 6 boxes of 18 per cs Caramel Creme WPCC Chef's Reserve WPR Chef's Reserve Decaf WPRD Espresso WPES French Vanilla WPFV Hawaiian Hazelnut WPH Jamaica Me Crazy WPJ Provence French Roast WPFR South Pacific Dark ** WPSP Sorrento Colombian WPCO Sorrento Decaf SWP WPCWD Sumatra Kopi Raya WPS Toscana WPT Vienna WPV ˚Seasonal item Coffee & Tea Pods Coffee Pods 6 boxes of 14 per cs Breakfast Blend JAVPBB Colombian Decaf JAVPDC Colombian Supremo JAVPCS Costa Rican JAVPCR French Roast JAVPFR French Vanilla JAVPFV Hazelnut Creme JAVPHC House Blend JAVPHB Kona Blend JAVPKB Sumatra Mandheling JAVPM Tea Pods 6 boxes of 14 per cs English Breakfast JAVPBT Tropical Citrus Green JAVPGT Tea Pods 6 boxes of 18 per cs Chai ORGPCT Chamomile Lemon ORGPCL Earl Grey ORGPEG English Breakfast ORGPEB Peppermint ORGPMG Panfired Green ORGPGT Coffee Pods 4 boxes of 25 per cs Colombian 100 bulk EPBULKCS Colombian Decaf 100 bulk EPBULKCSD Pod Singles are freshly ground café-style coffee enclosed in individually wrapped filter paper.Tear open one of these gourmet pods and immediately experience the wonderful coffee aroma. Let us introduce you to today’s most innovative single-cup program and how 100% compostable pods can help save the planet “One Cup at a Time”! 3