Why Cold Brew Coffee Is a Favorite in New York City Offices

Tasty and smooth with a gentle flavor

More caffeine

Some will find they need less sweetener and cream

Longer expiration date

Great option for those who find coffee to be too acidic

Keeps well in the fridge

New York City cold brew coffee

Wandering bear
Cold Brew

Wandering Bear, a USDA organic cold brew, is undeniably bold (so it stands up to ice), but surprisingly smooth with a bright, chocolaty finish. And it’s always ready to drink (no morning mixology required). This local cold brew is available in a countertop unit or a Kegerator for free-standing dispensing in larger volumes.

For five
Coffee roasters

For Five Cold Brew is 100% Arabica Coffee from three origins of the world. The sixteen hour extraction process allows full flavor from each origin in the coffee. It’s ready to drink and can be enjoyed straight, over ice, or with milk and sugar. This local cold brew is available in a standing Kegerator unit or in 12 oz recyclable cans.

Cold brew coffee brewers in New York City
New York City cold brew coffee machines

Ace Coffee Co.

This local high-quality 24-hour brew made from Honduran and Peruvian beans is an excellent addition to any break room. Available in keg as well as cold brew concentrate by the gallon, you can choose the option that’s right for your office.

La Colombe Coffee

Smooth, clean tastes with bold coffee flavors and natural sweetness are what make La Colombe a popular break room staple. This cold brew coffee comes in convenient 9 oz cans to stock your fridge or you may choose the larger bottles of cold brew concentrate for making your own individual servings.

Cold Brew Coffee bottles New York City

What’s the difference?

Cold brew

Grounds are steeped slowly and in cool water

Contains flavor notes of mild chocolate and mellow, low-acidity fruits

More caffeine

Iced coffee

Grounds are brewed hot using a standard coffee maker, then cooled and served over ice

Flavor notes are usually more bitter, acidic, floral, and fruity at times

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