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Lavít is a revolutionary, single serve cold beverage system offering delicious, healthy beverages. Just press the button and insert the recyclable capsules to create your perfect iced tea, lemonade, flavored beverage, energy & sports drinks or even a cold serving of still or sparkling water.


  • Large interactive touch screen
  • No cross contamination between beverages
  • Patented capsule designed to only work with Lavít dispensers
  • Capsules are 100% recyclable
  • Choose from 33 different drink options
  • Drinks are 10 calories or less, naturally flavored and preservative free


  • Dimensions: 17.52″ H x 15.16″ W x 19.33″ D
  • Electrical: 115 V ac
  • Plumbing: ¼” plumbed cold water
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