With its stimulating aroma and resulting invigoration, it’s no surprise that coffee has made its way into most of our daily morning routines. Going a day without coffee can lead to feelings of fatigue, unproductiveness, and even irritability. That’s why that small cup of coffee at the office is so impactful. Not only is there a strong relationship between coffee and productivity at work, but there’s also a connection between coffee and boosting employee morale.

Even with a small budget for office perks, it’s important for employers to reward their staff for their hard work. Happier employees are more likely to take on projects and work harder than unhappy employees. And what better way to make employees happy than making them feel valued? Sure, the staple office candy bowl is a simple perk that fits into the budget, but the resulting energy crash helps lead to the dreaded afternoon slump. Fresh, free gourmet coffee for employees arouses that desired alertness and motivation without the energy drop off, and it’s also one of the most commonly desired office perks: in a poll conducted by Keurig, 84% of coffee drinkers agree that good coffee in an office is important and 52% wish their company would provide better quality coffee.

Additionally, according to the National Coffee Association’s 2014 National Coffee Drinking Trends study, only 42% of Americans find themselves “very satisfied” with their company’s coffee options – meaning that there is still an opportunity to provide better coffee options to increase employee satisfaction.

The effects that coffee’s caffeine has on the body make sense when considering the chemical interactions that occur in the brain. We feel more alert after that morning or afternoon cup of joe because the caffeine works to suppress the part of the brain that tells us that we’re sleepy, which results in a burst of energy or revitalization. This, in effect, contributes to an increased productivity boost.

Another productivity-increasing effect is the resulting social interactions among colleagues that drink coffee in the workplace. For workers who regularly create products as a team or work in a group setting, coffee makes it easier for co-workers to bond. The relaxing act of stimulating the senses through the warming smell and taste results in making staff feel and appear more approachable, easing the creation of stronger relationships in the workplace.

Strategic and savvy companies and office managers understand the increased benefit between the simple upgrade in office coffee: the cost of providing better tasting coffee balances out with the resulting spikes in productivity, where employees are able to accomplish more in the same amount of time and are happier to do so.

Fresh coffee enlivens employees without leaving the office. Not only will they look forward to coming into their gourmet morning cup of contentedness, but the resulting benefits will keep them working more efficiently. We keep Long Island fueled up throughout the day with our coffee service, delivering to offices in both Nassau and Suffolk counties.