Now that summer is here, there is nothing quite like grabbing a cold brew coffee on your way to the office in the morning or on a Saturday afternoon when you are out running errands. If you’re a coffee lover (and chances are that you are, as over 60% of Americans enjoy at least one coffee beverage every day), then you probably know the delights of cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew is Not Your Typical Iced Coffee – It’s So Much More

If you are not familiar with cold brew, it is important to understand that cold brew is not the same as an iced coffee. Iced coffee is pretty much just what it says; regular coffee that is poured over ice. But cold brew coffee is made from coffee beans that have been steeped (yes, like tea) in cold water for up to 24 hours. And so, it is time, rather than heat that pulls out the flavor and caffeine from the beans. If you like a slightly sweeter coffee, then nitro cold brew might be for you. This is when the cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas and is stored in a keg, like your favorite beer. So, this keg effect is what creates that sweeter and sometimes creamier flavor and appearance.

Shop Small + Cold Brew = Almost Too Good To Be True

While many of us love a great Starbucks, let’s face it, you can get Starbucks pretty much everywhere. And yes, Starbucks is good, but the cost of a daily coffee run can really add up. So what if you can get that amazing, great taste of a cold brew coffee, delivered right to your home, for preparation whenever is convenient for you? Winner winner! Wandering Bear and Ace Coffee Co. both offer amazing cold brew options that can be delivered in bulk, right to your home or office.

Cold brew coffee is popular among today’s coffee, aficionados for its high concentration of caffeine. In fact, cold brew’s water to coffee ratio is far less than regular coffee, which means your cold brew will give you that morning energy boost to get you going. Other cold brew lovers swear that it will help you to lose weight. That might seem a bit over the top, but if you consume a cup of cold brew after a workout, you will increase your after-burn (post workout expenditure) which means more calories burned.

If you have a sensitive stomach, you may actually find that cold brew coffee suits you better than regular coffee. The heat that is used when making standard hot drip coffee often produces a bitter and acidic flavor to the finished brew. Since heat is not used when making cold brew coffee, the taste is often smoother, and the coffee contains less acid. Thus, those who experience acid reflux or that have a sensitive stomach may find that they can better tolerate cold brew.

All in all, when you purchase cold brew from Wandering Bear or Ace Coffee Co., you’ll get the same great taste that you will from a mega coffee company, but you’ll save money, and you’ll be helping out a small business. And with all those other benefits that come with it, why not give it a try?