How to Help the Environment by Using Compostable and Sustainable Products

Are you someone that tries to do their part to help the environment? Do you reuse and recycle plastic and other materials as much as possible? Well, you are on the right track because single-use plastic and other materials are a significant threat to our environment.

Even some consumer goods products are taking a stand,  having the “reduce, recycle, and reuse” icon which means that the material with which it’s made can be recycled and reused. Where we see much of the impact of plastic and other materials is in packaging.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Packaging From Our Partners

We are all responsible individually for bringing a positive change to the environment, but it is also the responsibility of the consumer goods companies to make sure that they are doing their part and helping inspire customers to be more eco-friendly.

Two Leaves and a Bud have brought a considerable change in the way they pack their tea leaves. They are always working to make their packaging environment-friendly even if it means incurring extra cost, and not passing that cost onto the consumer.  Not just Two Leaves and a Bud, companies like Emerald Brand have also paid a great deal of attention to their packaging, so that they can help instill a change in their customers, as well.

New Ways of Packing Your Tea

Two Leaves and a Bud make the sachets that hold their tea from plant-based material that becomes biodegradable when it is moist. These are totally safe and non-toxic, and they do not melt or break down in hot water.

They sell a wide range of tea and to ensure that each of them retains their flavor, they have come up with different eco-friendly packaging techniques. For example, their Paisley tea collection is packed with a filter paper that is made from wood pulp and goes through an extensive chlorine-free bleaching process. Unlike other tea bags that are stapled, these are tied in such a way so that the user can dip the tea bag and when the tea is finished, they can throw the tea bag along with the string in the soil. The entire tea bag along with the string is compostable as there is no meal, plastic, or other non-natural material.

Compostable Packaging vs. Biodegradable Packaging

It is easy to think that biodegradable packaging and compostable packing are the same because they are both good for the environment, but there are a few differences.

One of the most significant benefits of compostable packaging over biodegradable packaging is that the former does not have any material that can produce toxins as they slowly deteriorate. So, if you are using compostable products, they will mix with the earth and supply it with nutrients when they break down completely. The difference with biodegradable products is that they don’t have a specific time-frame within which they will break down and get dissolved in the earth. It will be better if you buy products that are certified as compostable.

We make a commitment to work with brands that feature environmentally friendly products. Order your Emerald Brand products, as well as your Two Leaves and a Bud Tea today!