As society and trends change, so too will the needs of your office. Change is stimulating, and updating your office’s look and vibe will keep everyone you work with mentally refreshed. Keeping notable trends in mind, there are quite a few ways you can perk up everything from your office to your break room and spice up the 9 to 5 while maintaining some much-needed familiarity.

Take It Outside!

There’s simply no substitute for natural light – the inviting nature, the warmth, the comfort it gives. Companies have recognized its morale-boosting power for years. Big windows and skylights do wonders for productivity, and in 2020, it’s time to take the next step.

When you add a breath of fresh air to the equation, work can hardly be called work at all. Many people would prefer to trade off the four walls and a rooftop and instead put their feet up with their favorite drink by their side. Consider a workspace on a balcony, patio, or even your rooftop (building codes pending) to give your employees a place to stretch and work comfortably for a few hours. They’ll still be around!

Maintain Sustainability

When your company is conscious, people take notice. Knowing where your resources stem from could be beneficial in the long run. Make it known to your employees that they’re sitting on furniture built from reclaimed wood, and the disposables they’re using are constructed from recycled materials.

Maintaining a sustainable working environment resonates outside your company’s walls, too. When your clients and customers know that they’re working with a company with the future of the planet in consideration, that’s some serious peace of mind that you’re giving them.

Dedicated Quiet Spaces

When trying to set your mind on “break mode,” the hustle and bustle of your environment can still wiggle its way into your concentration. Just ten minutes away from your computer can be the boost you need to get through the rest of your day, and having a quiet place to gather your thoughts might be just the thing to keep your focus sharp.

Having a stress-free space to focus, meditate, and clear your head at the office could be exactly what your workers need. A room without any noise and a calming environment where anyone can sit and close their eyes is something small that could change things in a big (and beneficial) way. You’ll be surprised at how much will get accomplished with an office full of straight-thinking individuals.

Understanding Your Company’s Roots

This one hits the mark twice. Simply put, retro design is in. Decorating your relaxation areas, entrance, and office space with older, yet charming décor gives the eyes something to do and is much more stimulating than plain white walls.

And while you’re at it with the retro look, why not embrace the history of your company? Employees want to know the history of who they’re working with. Where did the company come from? And how has the outlook changed? Show off old logos, put discontinued products on display. Embrace the past, and perhaps it’ll serve as inspiration for the future!

2020 means a new decade. And that means a fresh ten years to pave the way for new looks, styles, trends, and designs. When you embrace change at your office, your employees will be ready for a decade of new ideas.