How To Keep Employees From Leaving To Get Coffee

Coffee is often the lifeblood of the workplace, and for good reason. Employees are working harder than ever to meet the demands of their businesses. One of the highlights of many people’s day can be their coffee, as it presents a chance to step away from their desk for a few minutes to decompress while […]


How To Create the “Coffee Shop Effect” in Your Office

cafeteria coffee bar

Coffee has become so ubiquitous in the American workplace that many offices have set up a coffee machine in the break area. Yet that alone doesn’t achieve the atmosphere of productivity that people associate with coffee shops, which budding writers have unofficially made their workplace of choice. If you’d rather your employees not wander off […]


What Influences a Candidate to Work for Your Company?

Why Candidates Choose You

Your most talented candidates have a lot of options. These days, many candidates are looking for a job that not only meets their salary needs but also fulfills their sense of purpose and allows a work-life balance. Is your company up to par? Candidates Want to Feel a Sense of Belonging There are a wide […]


Healthy Beverages for the Summer: Sparkling Water Coolers

Summer time is almost here, and it’s time to phase out those bulky sweaters and sweatshirts that are common winterwear, and pull out those shorts and t-shirts. While those comfy winter and spring favorites might keep us warm, they also hide any of that extra weight that so many of us put on during those […]


9 Tips for Creating a Positive Office Culture

In a work environment, employers are finding that small, simple actions cause long-lasting and measurable changes in how every employee behaves. Since we spend so much of our waking time preparing and cooling off from work on top of working, feeling appreciated and valued makes it easier for employees to offer more to a job […]