New York City Restaurants | Micro Market | Unique Flavors

New York City is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. It’s known to have the best eateries in the world. Suppose you’re in charge of break room refreshments for your office. In that case, the City is the perfect location to gather inspiration for different flavors you can bring to your workplace through our Refuel Cafe micro-market solution.

Hearty Italian Dishes

Think of all the delicious Italian restaurants in Little Italy serving comfort dishes made from old family recipes. They bring an authentic charm that makes you feel like you’re in Italy. Why not bring Italian-inspired meals to the break room? Who doesn’t love a tasty plate of pasta paired with their favorite beverage for lunch?

Asian Flavors

Chinatown boasts to-die-for Asian dishes that will make your mouth water. Now imagine offering hearty noodles, or beef with broccoli dishes type meals to your team. Employees will love that you’re going beyond the “typical” meals offered in the break room with unique Asian-inspired meals.

Heart Healthy Fruits and Salads

The City has lots of restaurants that offer delicious fresh salads and fruits.  Whether you’re looking for lighter fare, or supporting your employees’ health and wellness goals, we’re here to help you in that mission. Through our Refuel Cafe office pantry or micro-market solutions, you can bring tasty, health-boosting salads and whole fresh fruits to your break room. Keep your team productive and energized with whole foods sure to improve their health.

New York City Dining | Breakroom Flavors | Fresh Food Vending

Mouth Watering Pastries

Who doesn’t love snacking on sweets while at work? It makes the day more delightful! Rather than the hassle of running out to a bakery, we’ll deliver locally baked pastries to your workplace through our Refuel Cafe micro-market. You’ll think you’re at your favorite pastry shop in Greenwich Village. Don’t forget to pair your mouth-watering pastry with a fresh latte, macchiato, or espresso for a next-level experience. The aromatic smells of pastry and coffee flavors will make you feel like you’re on a mini vacation in the company break room.

Comfort Food that Satisfies Your Cravings

Pizza and hot dogs, it’s what New York City is known for. You don’t have to skip your favorite foods just because you’re at work. Rather than the hassle of running to the local deli, we’ll stock your break room with pizza and hot dog options. You’ll feel like you’re at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn with the options we’ll deliver to your office. We get it, sometimes you just want comfort food and we’re all about satisfying that craving.

Enhance Your Break Room with Exceptional Dining Experiences

Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you have to forgo the refreshments you enjoy.  Maybe it’s time to go beyond the traditional New York City vending machines and bring the foods, snacks, and beverages your team wants to the workplace. Your employees will love exploring unique flavors as they do at their favorite restaurants through our micro-market, office pantry, and office coffee services. By offering premium break room options, you may incentivize employees to return to the office environment and enjoy doing so.

Not sure what the next steps are on creating the ultimate break room employees will love? Let us help you! Corporate Coffee Systems will work with you to create a break room that works for your company. Contact us or call (800) 284-CORP today to learn more!