Winter is officially OVER. The snow’s melted (or it will be soon, anyway), and it’s time to be thinking about putting everything on ice! And yeah, that means your coffee as well.

Cold brew coffee, which, if you haven’t tried it yet, will change your mornings for the better forever. More than just iced coffee, cold brew is a Peruvian creation that provides everything you’re looking for in a coffee, with a more mellow taste and lower levels of acidity to wear down on you. It’s chock full of benefits that will add a spring to your… well, Spring!

Cold Brew Can Be Prepped en Masse

The struggle of making fresh, hot coffee every morning can be a drag. Because of the way cold brew is prepared, you could potentially brew two week’s worth of coffee, and keep it in the fridge until it’s time to serve. Honestly, it’s why we sell our Ace Coffee Cold Brew in gallon and half-gallon sizes – they stay fresh until you’re ready to serve!

Inject a Bit of Sweetness Into Your Spring

Cold-brew, by nature, is nowhere near as acidic as its classic coffee counterpart. As a result, your taste buds and your digestive system will thank you. A less acidic blend means a sweeter brew, with a richer flavor. Cold-brew provides a feeling of substance that goes down with a smooth satisfaction. Lower acid content goes easier on your stomach and drinking it makes you far less prone to heartburn. Once you’ve tried it, the number of ways cold brew goes down smooth makes it simply unbeatable!

High Caffeine Can Help You Get In Shape

With a 12-24 hour steep time, cold brew is supercharged with caffeine – a 1:60 caffeine ratio compared to the standard 1:20 ratio that most coffees are infused with. Because of this jolt in caffeine, that means your body’s going to metabolize a whole lot faster, getting you in perfect shape to enjoy the sunlight and warming temperatures.

Bulk Sizes Are Perfect for Company Get-togethers!

Prepping a bunch of cold brew coffee doesn’t have to last you for two weeks. On the contrary – if your company is putting together a corporate gathering, don’t underestimate the time-saving power of a batch of this uniquely prepared coffee. No doubt you’re going to have more than a few spring events on the horizon, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that our Wandering Bear five-gallon keg box wasn’t the hero of at least a few company parties.

While coffee experts are always discovering new breakthroughs and exploring what can be accomplished with just a few miraculous beans, the benefits of cold brew are a fairly strong indicator that it’s here to stay. It’s the biggest achievement since the Pumpkin Spice Latte, only this one you can enjoy all year round.

Take some time to look at the products we have to offer and treat your employees to a sweet, flavorful surprise that will quickly become a breakroom staple.