Having a small office doesn’t mean you have to think small when it comes to coffee. Commercial coffee machines are more compact, more affordable, and more capable than ever before, so for the most part , the one that you choose is going to come down to the type of people you work with.

Luckily, in a small work environment, it’s pretty easy to find out what everyone likes and dislikes, and how many cups they usually drink per day. It’s important to ask around because the last thing you want to do is make an assumption and underestimate the amount of coffee you’ll need to brew. I f you s ee your business growing in the near future , it may be wise to plan ahead and invest in something a bit larger than you currently need.

For the Caffeine Lovers

If you work at the type of small office where late nights and early mornings are part of the job description , you’re going to need an espresso maker . If you’re committed to the Italian brew, you can get your caffeine fix from a dedicated single-cup espresso maker. But if you’d like a bit more flexibility, a coffee vending machine capa ble of making a variety of brews will do the trick.

For the Traditionalists

For the small office that likes their coffee the old- fashioned way, a traditional coffee pot is the way to go. Inexpensive, n o buttons to fiddle with, and no waiting for everyone to make their sing le cup of coffee; everyone gets the same brew . And you d on’t have to worry about running late ; the burner will keep it warm while you’re stuck in traffic.

For the Independent Spirits

After asking around the office, you might find that everyone likes something completely different. If you brewed a single pot of coffee for everyone, only one or two people would actually drink it and you’d end up pouring the rest down the sink. If you r small office is made up of independent spirits who like to do things their own way, you need a versatile single-serve coffee machine for the office. Keurigs are compact, affordable, and highly customizable. Employees can even bring in their own K-Cups from home, saving your business money.

Keurigs aren’t the only single cup solution available ; Newco and Tassimo coffee machines for the office also use plastic pods to brew unique and flavorful drinks.

For the Specialty Drink Lovers

If your small office is full of cappuccino, latte, and macchiato lovers, they simply won’t settle for just any old coffee vending machine. The single-cup Flavia coffee maker is the specialty drink lover’s dream. While it’s a little pricier and a bit bigger than other single-cup commercial coffee machines, the Flavia coffee machine lets you be your own barista and enjoy your favorite fancy drinks all day long.

Think you have the perfect small office coffee vending machine in mind? Find it for the perfect pr ice at Corporate Coffee Systems! In addition to offering a wide variety of commercial coffee machines, we’ll keep you stocked on sugar, creamers, coffee beans, and pods so that you never have to worry about running out. Whenever you need a coffee machine for the office, whether you have 10 employees or over 1,000 employees, let us be your convenient all-in-one coffee solution.