Your most talented candidates have a lot of options. These days, many candidates are looking for a job that not only meets their salary needs but also fulfills their sense of purpose and allows a work-life balance. Is your company up to par?

Candidates Want to Feel a Sense of Belonging

There are a wide variety of “work personalities,” and as you discover during interviews, not every candidate seems like they’d fit into your company culture. However, it’s a two-way street. Ensure that you are communicating your values to prospective employees in how you talk about your company. You may appreciate creative problem-solving and innovative thinking, but if you don’t express that on your company website, social media, or in the interview process, candidates seeking that likely won’t choose your company.

Candidates Want to Share Your Company Values

Many candidates want to feel they’re working for a “good” company, whether that means that charitable giving options are offered, the company seeks to hire a diverse workforce, or whatever the case may be. Prospective employees also want to feel like they’re going to contribute to a company achieving its goals, but to feel that way, they need to know what your goals are. Be transparent about your goals and values and be sure to highlight any do-good initiatives on your website and in interviews.

Candidates Want to Feel Like They Can Move Up

Recent research has shown that people now stay in jobs an average of three to five years. This fact is partly due to older millennials having entered the workforce in a poor job market and being forced to take dead-end jobs. As the job market improves, younger millennials and Gen Z are seeking jobs that have the potential for growth, while older millennials pursue those same jobs. In short, many job-seekers feel that they have to keep switching jobs; if you want to land them, you’ve got to sell them on the opportunity to grow with your company. Be honest with candidates about the potential for a transition into supervisory or managerial roles, what the raise schedule is, and other procedures that influence their likelihood to stay with your company. Express to candidates how their hard work will be rewarded, whether it’s with promotion, bonuses, or both.

Candidates Want to Feel Like You’re With the Times

If you’re using clunky application software, hour-long personality assessments, or worst of all, paper applications, you’re communicating to your candidates that you’re neither modern nor efficient. These days, that’s a huge turn-off to many candidates. Use digital hiring platforms that integrate with job search websites, and if you must use a pre-employment personality assessment, keep it short and fun.

How you express yourself as a company plays a huge role in how prospective employees perceive you. If they feel like your company can be a place where they fit in, can contribute, and have the opportunity to grow, they’re much more likely to apply with your company — and accept a job offer.