“Going green” is a hot topic right now. Companies all around the world are trying to reduce their impact on the environment to help create a safer environment and a better future. Although many want to join in and do their part, the daily how-to can be confusing for some who don’t know how to get started. Here are some of our top tips for helping you nudge your office toward sustainable practices.

Provide sustainability training for your employees.

When people are a part of the initiative not only at the top of the company’s leadership but also at every level, that’s when everyone is able to do their part and make an impact. Be sure to include your sustainability initiative in your mission statement to ensure employees understand the vision. Consider offering benefits to those who participate.

Go digital.

Along with enjoying the positive effect on the environment, companies can save a lot of money when they consume less paper. You can also save tons of space when files are stored digitally on servers or hard drives rather than in physical filing cabinets.

Lighten Up.

Natural lighting is one of the purest and simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption. For lights that are used, consider switching to LED or other energy-efficient bulbs rather than using fluorescent. Use motion sensors to cut down on the amount of energy used when not needed.

Turn off screen savers.

Screen savers waste energy. Rather than allowing the computer and screen to be powered on when they aren’t needed, configure sleep or power modes for each device. This will save energy and help the environment while also doing you the favor of cutting energy bills.

Switch to certified green vendors.

Do some research on the sustainability practices of your vendors. If some of their methods are questionable, consider switching to companies that are certified in various green practices, such as those through the California Green Business Program or B Corporations.

Utilize energy-efficient transportation or telecommuting.

Cars are a major source of pollution. Consider incentives to encourage your employees to walk or bike when possible. In some cases, telecommuting is a great option as well. Some employees may be able to work from home a few times per month and communicate via phone or video conferencing.

Choose to reuse.

Try to eliminate consumable products like paper plates and cups, disposable pens, and other waste. Choose instead to use glass mugs, refillable pens, or recycled paper products. The more you can reuse, the greener your office will be.

As you can see, there are many simple ways you can get started with sustainable practices and “go green” with your office. Not only does this allow you to do your part in helping the environment, but it also can help lower your expenses resulting from excessive energy consumption and needless waste. Your company will be leaner and greener by following these tips.