New York City Break Room | Sustainable Refreshments | Eco-Friendly

While employees may love their New York City break rooms, Mother Nature might feel differently. That’s because break rooms can be a big source of waste. All of those plastic bottles and coffee filters can really add up. Luckily, our break room solutions can make your office sustainable.

Curious to learn how? Keep reading!

Here are three small changes that boost break room sustainability.

1. Water Filtration Services Reduce Waste

Want to reduce plastic waste? Our New York City water filtration service can help. Skip the single-use cups and plastic bottles. Use reusable cups and bottles at the water filtration system instead. Corporate Coffee Systems offers leading brands such as Bevi®, Borg & Overstrom B4, and Waterlogic water dispensers. Don’t settle for tap water when you can enjoy delicious still or sparkling water. Moreover, it can make that morning coffee of yours taste even better!

Give a better water cooler experience and support workplace wellness with our water service!

2. Sustainable Micro-Market Solutions

New York City micro-markets drive up sustainability. How? Staff can eat lunch and snacks on-site and cut short car trips to local restaurants. Micro-markets offer endless options. For example, your team can get fresh salads, wraps, sandwiches, and more. Or, they can enjoy tasty snacks and trendy drinks. A micro-market can inspire staff to eat onsite, thereby stopping trips out of the office for a more eco-friendly solution.

We’re always thinking of planet-friendly workplace solutions. That’s why we’ve partnered with Emerald Brand. Now we can offer our clients compostable break room supplies and biodegradable office cleaning options. Working with Emerald Brand has helped us make our clients feel good about doing their part for a greener earth.

3. Protect the Planet, One Cup at a Time

New York City Sustainable Office | Coffee Service | Water Filtration

A New York City office coffee service is a must-have. Corporate Coffee Systems will make yours eco-friendly! We work with Reunion Island Coffee Roasters because they get their coffee from sustainable sources. Additionally, their coffee pods are 100% compostable. They’re also zero-waste. Enjoy tasty coffee while saving the planet!

Workplace Sustainability Tips

Need additional help? Use these simple tricks to go green!

–  Place recycling bins in the break room
–  Take public transport or carpool to work
–  If you can, walk to work, or ride your bike
–  Unplug appliances to save energy
–  Ditch individual packs of creamer and sugar
–  Set up an herb garden in the break room

Work remotely to reduce commuting

We Help Make New York City Break Rooms Sustainable

We believe our planet is worth protecting. That’s why we offer eco-friendly workplace solutions. We also partner with eco-conscious companies to offer our clients sustainable solutions.

Contact us today to learn more. Reach us at (800) 284-CORP for any of our services, office pantry, micro-market, and refreshment services. We look forward to chatting with you!