Over the past year and a half, office workers throughout New York traded in their cubicles for their couches, their button-down shirts for their favorite pair of pajama pants, and their go-to breakroom coffee for whatever was on hand at home.

Now, the days of cubicle life, beige paint, and squeaky office chairs are gone. To get your team excited to leave the comforts of working from home and come back to the office, you’re going to need to rethink your office’s design.

Should You Redesign Your Office?

  • Is your office visually appealing?
  • Does your space allow team members areas to not only collaborate, but also focus when necessary?
  • Does your office reduce stress and anxiety?
  • Is your office professional looking for clients and guests?
  • Does your office feel like home?

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If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, here are five ways to revamp your office design and create a workspace your employees will love to report to each day.

Office Design Tip #1: Make it Visually Appealing

While there is more to creating a comfortable, collaborative space for your team than a bit of décor, there is something to be said for a stylish office space your employees can feel excited about coming to each day. Whether you want pod chairs in bold colors, or a completely reimagined office layout, just a few updates to your space can make all the difference.

Here are a few of our favorite office design tips:

  • Incorporate bright colors to heighten creativity.
  • Promote collaboration by strategically placing desks, furniture, and technology equipment.
  • Incorporate nature through biophilic design in your space; work in natural materials like wood and stone, natural lighting, plants, running water, or stellar window views.

Office Design Tip #2: Make it Work for Your Team

In the past several years with the rise of coworking spaces and tech startups, open offices became a common office design. Considered to foster collaboration between coworkers, for many companies, opting for the open office design was a no-brainer.

Now, as many employees have nearly two years’ experience working remotely, office collaboration is going to look a little different. Disease and germ transmission remain top of mind, particularly since the future of the COVID-19 variants remains uncertain. Shifting layouts, adding boundary elements, and intentionally planning the paths your employees take throughout their workday can aid in safe collaboration.

When planning your office design, consider that cubicles and private offices may not be the right solution to foster teamwork. For offices that are more open, creating intentional private spaces in your office can provide employees with the space they need to produce your company’s next big idea.

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Office Design Tip #3: Make it as Stress-Free as Possible

As mentioned above, we aren’t out of the water with COVID-19 just yet; many employees fear coming back to the office, and it’s important to leverage all possible office design strategies to alleviate their concerns.

If you’ve made any changes to your office throughout the pandemic, such as blocking off certain areas or creating off-limits seats or workstations, it may be less-than-welcoming to your employees returning back to the office. With the proper design strategy, you can achieve the same level of safety while still creating an office space that feels comfortable and easy to navigate.

Office Design Tip #4: Make it Professional

Have you considered the way your office looks to your clients and visitors? A modern company needs a modern physical presence that fully represents its brand. Make sure your office visitors know exactly who you are when they walk through your front door.

Here are a few suggestions to create a more professional office:

  • Incorporate your logo on the walls, windows, and/or doors.
  • Use your company’s branding in your design elements.
  • Create a welcoming space for visitors—comfortable waiting chairs are a great start!

Office Design Tip #5: Make it Feel Like Home

After months of working alongside their best four-legged friends, sitting on comfortable furniture, and being surrounded by all their favorite snacks, your employees may need a little nudge to willingly head back to your onsite office.

A few of our favorite ways to cozy up your office space for employees are:

  • Upgrading your furniture—make it comfortable and functional! Standing desks and ergonomic chairs are always great options that employees love. bright, comfortable chairs and couches, and even ping-pong tables can provide people with a place to unwind and bond with their co-workers over short breaks to recharge.
  • Let in some natural light—while it may be more difficult for your coworkers to step outside for a walk these days, inviting windows are instant mood boosters.
  • Keep it clean—our Equipment Sanitization and Restart Program is an excellent place to start.
  • Make sure your breakroom is loaded up with a variety of snacks and coffees to get your team through their day

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At Corporate Coffee Systems and Office Universe, we understand that a happy workspace makes for the happiest employees. If your office needs a revamp, we’re here for you; just a few updates to your office’s design can help reignite the creativity, productivity, and comfort of your workplace.

For help designing and building out a positive space for your team to thrive, contact our Office Universe division today!