Coworkers are a great resource to help us reach our personal fitness goals. Getting together as a group during lunch breaks or after work makes exercising a social event. Office fit clubs bring colleagues closer together and contribute to great company culture. You’ll begin to relate to each other outside of your usual work routine and motivate each other to live a healthier lifestyle. A fit club can be as simple as brisk walks around the office, meeting at a health club for scheduled workouts, or simply dieting as a group. Getting a fit club started is pretty easy; recruit colleagues though email, and post flyers in break rooms, elevators, and bathrooms. Once coworkers are interested, decide where the fit club will meet and set a schedule. If the fit club will meet outside of work, discuss group yoga, aerobics, or Zumba classes. Call or visit your local fitness center or gym for a full list of what’s available and schedules. You should also inquire about group discounts if you have a large amount of interest in the office.

Many office departments dedicate a specific time during the workday for colleagues to de-stress with some exercise. Work together to organize a convenient time for the group to meet daily. If you work on a large campus or in a office building, map out a walking route that can be extended over time. Meet at a safe and designated area, and use sidewalks, walkways or hallways to get in your steps. Depending on the buildings layout, you might be able to include stairways to make the routine even more challenging. Use devices to track distances, calories, and progress over time. You’ll be surprised how much walking you can do over a full work week.

Set Goals & Celebrate Success

Work together to meet your predetermined group or personal fitness goals. Celebrate your successes with one another and store them in a log or app. Document all the fun with photos and share them on your corporate blog. It will be exciting to look back and review the progress.

Promote Healthy Eating Habits

Your fit club can also share healthy lunches and snacks during work. It’s a great way to promote healthier eating habits with your club and other colleagues. Studies show that doing these type of clubs at work brings an increased accountability that is otherwise lacking when people only diet at home. Replace the usual sodas, candy and cookies with healthier choices and share recipes that can be enjoyed at home. Fit clubs are a great way to get together, get fit, and create a healthier work environment. Start one at your office today!