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A great break room is the heart of any office. It’s where employees go to rest, refuel, and connect with their co-workers. Therefore, it’s important to us that the space is comfortable and functional. And that’s where our technician team comes in. This team ensures that your break room equipment runs smoothly, from the coffee machines to your water filter and the coolers in your micro-market.

Equipped to Handle Break Room Repairs

Our technician team commits to delivering the best customer service with every appointment. They carry backpacks filled with tools they may need and a wealth of experience. Of course, routine maintenance is also part of their service. We offer this to ensure that your break room equipment runs efficiently. Your team deserves a great break room; our technicians help make that happen!

Getting Around New York City

New York City Customer Service | Break Room Solutions | Technician Team

Living in the city means using the subway, and our technician team is no exception. They use the New York City subway for a quick and convenient response to your maintenance requests. It will get them where they need to be as soon as possible. Our technicians respond quickly to your needs and do their best to reduce downtime. This not only gives you quick service and delivery, but it also reduces our carbon footprint. And if we can contribute to a greener planet, we’re here for it.

By using public transportation, our technician team can swiftly reach your site to address any issues. They can fix any and update break room equipment that needs it. This makes for minimal disruptions to your business operations.

A Skilled Technician Team

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians can fix your coffee brewer, adjust your water cooler, or change your water filters. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we’ve got you covered. You can trust them to get the job done right. Our goal is to make sure your break room functions seamlessly at all times.

We Meet Your Needs

We know that every break room is unique. That’s why our team takes the time to understand your specific challenges. We provide personalized assistance tailored to your satisfaction. Every team member at Corporate Coffee Systems dedicates themselves to creating amazing workplace experiences. And that includes our technicians!

We appreciate our technician team’s hard work and dedication to deliver a customer first experience with every interaction.  Ready to go beyond traditional New York City vending machines? Connect with us to learn more about our break room solutions.