Breakrooms have the potential to be the heartbeat of any office. If well stocked and thoughtfully laid out, they become a place for community and refreshment. One of the best ways to foster a great breakroom environment is to provide a healthy selection of coffee and beverage options. Whether you have just a simple coffee maker or fancier equipment, a few small additions and variations can bring new excitement and enthusiasm to the office breakroom.

Spicing Up Black Coffee

You can do wonders with a simple coffee maker and a few added ingredients. To turn your black coffee into a mocha treat, simply add a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, a splash or two of milk, and sugar for sweetness. For a minty variation, drizzle peppermint syrup or another flavor to bring new dimension and flavor to your coffee. The flavored syrup will quickly become a favorite in your office as employees bring new life to the average cup of joe.

Many high-quality coffee brands offer a variety of flavored beans and grounds, as well as a range of roasts that can add depth of flavor to your morning cup. Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Cherry Chocolate, and Pumpkin Spice are widely popular flavors. Consider taking a poll in your office to find out what are your employees’ favorite coffee flavors and treats.

Single-Serve Options

Single-serve coffee machines, such as those produced by Keurig, provide an even wider range of flavor options for your coffee drinkers. K-cups come in many different roast types and flavors, such as those listed above. This is great for offices where everyone is particular about what goes into their cup. Not everyone wants the same brew, so coffee pot batches may get thrown out when someone wants to make their favorite brew. Single-serve lets everyone choose what and when to drink.

Iced Coffee and Cold Brew

Not everyone likes a hot cup of joe. Some people choose iced or chilled coffee to wake them up in the morning. These can be made in pitchers and kept in the fridge as a nice alternative for those who still want caffeine but prefer it over ice. Also look into nitro cold brew options, which can be a bit more costly for equipment but will certainly be a “perk” of working at your company.

Tea and Other Options

For those who don’t drink coffee, a range of teas might be a great addition to the breakroom. Choose a selection of tea that includes some decaf, herbal, and green varieties so everyone can find something they like. Matcha, which is a green tea powder, is immensely popular right now in drinks and lattes. Chai is also something to consider. This is a spicy tea that your employees can add milk and sugar to for a sweet treat.

Along with the options above, a steady supply of milk and nondairy alternatives, such as soy or coconut milk, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and other mix-ins will give your employees plenty of options. Consider posting recipes on the wall near your coffee station so everyone will know how much sugar or other ingredients to add for their perfect cup.