Christmas is a time of joy and light, and it’s no coincidence it happens during the darkest season of the year. A lot of people get the winter blues, which the sparkle and magic of Christmas helps with—but the distinctly un-festive atmosphere of some working spaces only makes it worse.

If you’re looking to bring some festive cheer into your working environment, why not make some fun festive coffees?

This will add a little of Santa’s magic to your day to day, and colleagues are sure to appreciate being made a fun coffee they’d normally have to part with some hard-earned cash for.

Here are our 5 must-try Christmas Coffee Recipes, guaranteed to be received as glad tidings, and to increase the Christmas spirit of your office.

1. Caramel Crème Brûlée Latte

Who doesn’t enjoy a dessert around Christmas? Or two, or three…

A caramel crème brûlée is a decadent dessert, the kind you’d serve after Christmas dinner, so bring a little of the joy—and the tastiness—of that to your office.

Even better, it’s a surprisingly easy drink to make. Make a standard latte with the office coffee machine, but before adding the coffee, add a splash of caramel syrup and a splash of vanilla syrup, and afterwards spoon in a little brown sugar.

A delightfully naughty and festive treat.

2. Hazelnut Macchiato

Most coffee lovers can agree, a macchiato is a delight—but not very festive. Add some hazelnut syrup, and enjoy a taste that stirs the memory of nuts roasting on an open fire; a true festive scene.

Just get a hazelnut syrup, and glug a bit in a shallow cup before adding an espresso shot. Dollop a small amount of foamed milk on the top, and sprinkle with some chocolate powder.

This drink is sure to put you at the top of Santa’s nice list.

3. Panettone Latte

Panettone is a traditional Italian cake served at Christmas, and for those of us who have got a taste for it, nothing else tastes of Christmas like that cake.

For the adventurous coffee drinker among you, why not try making a panettone latte? Starbucks has them on the menu in the Philippines, but sadly they’ve not yet reached our shores.

You need to get your hands on some Fiori di Sicilia, the syrup that flavors panettone, but failing that, a warm orange-flavored syrup and a spoonful of cinnamon will do. Add a splash of the syrup to a tall mug, make a conventional latte and then, the best bit, go wild with the whipped cream on top. Prepare chopped cranberries and raisins and sprinkle them finely on the cream.

It’s a wild one, but your colleagues will thank you.

4. Peppermint Mocha

A cheeky drink for a joyful season. Get into the spirit with a drink that tastes like eating a candy cane one moment and a box of chocolates the next.

The combination of mint and chocolate is a Christmas classic, so bring it to the boardroom with this conversation starter.

This coffee is great because you don’t have to break your back to make it. Just buy a vanilla syrup, a mint syrup, and some hot chocolate powder. First, glug in the two syrups. Then, add the hot chocolate powder to the mug before a shot of coffee, and when you’ve added that, stir it in to make a paste. Top it with milk in the style of a cappuccino, and sprinkle chocolate on the top.

5. Eggnog Latte

Although we wouldn’t advise you to have a liquid lunch at work (although, we also won’t stop you) there are a couple of days in the office when an eggnog latte will go down a treat.

On the last Friday before Christmas, an eggnog latte is a warming after-lunch drink that’ll get everyone excited for the holiday break. Try serving it on the afternoon before the office’s Christmas party. Just swap your three o’clock Americano for a naughty eggnog latte, and let the fun begin.

Simply add eggnog, add latte… and away you go. Don’t be shy; Christmas is the time to indulge.