There’s nothing that will improve your day like starting it off with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.  But what exactly is the secret to a magnificently made cup of Joe?

We were wondering how to uncover the perfect way to brew a cup of coffee that starts off the day right. Here, based on what we found, we developed this list of tips to help you start your day the right way, with a delicious cup of coffee:

#1: Know Your Favorite Flavor:

Coffees come with different flavors and undertones. So, it’s best to be aware of what it is that best pleases your palate! Do you prefer the flavor of a fruity coffee that has the subtle hints of berries or perhaps stone fruit? Or do you rather something sweet, such as one with overtones of honey or even a hint of jasmine? You can even mull over your morning with a chocolate heavy blend if you’re a chocoholic!

By knowing your blends, you can make sure that you’re getting the flavors you really like in your coffee and getting the most enjoyment out of it possible.

#2: Keep Your Equipment Clean

Unless you like your coffee with a hint of grime, then it’s important to keep your coffee equipment clean! While home espresso machines aren’t in need of daily cleaning, they do need to be cleaned once in a while. Regular machine maintenance will keep your brews tasting as good as they can!

Each time you use an espresso machine, it’s a good idea to wipe down the equipment and rinse your machine by flushing water in the filter basket, group head, and steam wand. Do this before and after making your morning coffee.

When you want to do a deep cleaning once in a while, use trusted brands of cleaning products. You can use commercial products you trust or even white vinegar. By mixing a solution of equal parts water and vinegar, and filling the mixture in your machine’s reservoir, you can flush the machine completely. Re-season your machine by brewing and discarding espresso before using your machine as usual again.

#3: Store Your Beans Properly

Any professional coffee roaster can tell you what a difference it makes in your morning mug to have fresh coffee. Coffee beans are best within 7-21 days of the time they were roasted. SO, for the ultimate brew, it’s best to buy your coffee in small quantities every week and store them in a jar or resalable bag that you keep in a cool, dark location (such as your pantry).

Once your beans have been ground, they lose their flavor and aroma’s integrity. For this reason, it’s best to only grind them when you’re ready to brew your perfect cup of Joe!

#4: Your Water Choice Matters

If you’re using gross water to brew your coffee, then it goes without saying that your coffee is going to be gross, too. You might be surprised at what a difference it makes to use clean, filtered water. To enhance the purity and flavor of your brew, use fresh, filtered water! Some true coffee aficionados invest in tap filtration systems or use bottled water for their espresso machines! You might not need to go that far, but be mindful of the water that you’re using if you think that there’s room for improvement in your brew!