Do you worry that you’re that person in the office who takes too many coffee breaks? Or do you try to avoid being that person by limiting your coffee breaks? Well it may surprise you, but there are many more perks to coffee breaks than filling your coffee cup with an aromatic caffeine boost. Check out the 4 perks of coffee breaks to find out how these breaks work to your advantage.

1. Increases Productivity

It might not seem like it, but that office co-worker who is frequently going on coffee breaks—maybe once every hour or so—might actually be more productive than you think. It seems odd to think that they are more productive when they spend so much time away from there desk, but recent research suggests otherwise.

Studies of people who take breaks once every hour to hour and a half were found to have increased productivity over their peers who took little to no breaks. Why? Taking a break can serve as a way to reset the creative juices. It can give you time and space away from an issue so that you can come back to it with a fresh set of eyes. It’s also been suggested that people who take frequent breaks also concentrate more when they actually are working, instead of drifting off into daydreams and only appearing to be working.

2. Incorporates Activity into Your Office Habits

More research is coming out in recent years that points to the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. People who work in offices are especially at risk of being negatively affected by sitting and a sedentary lifestyle because they spend hours at the desk while hunched over a computer. The health risks associated with sitting can include developing heart disease, some forms of cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

Taking a coffee break can help you to stretch your legs and incorporate some activity into your life. Even standing up, walking to the coffee machine, and maybe strolling with your coffee in hand for a few minutes is better than having no activity at all.

3. Rejuvenates the Body and Mind

Related to the point above, coffee breaks incorporate activity into your life, which in turn rejuvenate your body and mind. Sure, the caffeine helps to rejuvenate your energy, but the perks go beyond that initial boost.

When you walk around on your coffee break, it also helps to get your blood circulating from your toes up to your brain. As your blood circulates, it helps more oxygen to enter your brain and other parts of your body and allows your neural connections to get a boost and start firing more rapidly again. The result? You’ll not only feel refreshed physically, but you’ll be able to think more sharply. The rejuvenating effect of a much-needed break is just one of the 6 hidden health benefits of drinking coffee.

4. Promotes Socializing and Office Bonding

Human beings are social creatures, and even the most introverted and shy people can benefit from some social interaction now and again. A coffee break is the perfect excuse to socialize for a bit. It’s also a great time to step away from the office role for just a moment and remember that everyone in the office is a person with their own good and bad sides. If there’s someone you’ve butted heads with in a meeting recently, maybe grabbing a cup of coffee at the same time as them and exchanging a few friendly words can ease the tension. Coffee breaks are just one of the ways to improve office culture.