It’s a pretty safe bet that your office runs on coffee – most do. If the world’s caffeine supply suddenly ran out, many businesses would be in ruin.

People are addicted to caffeine these days, and without it, they’d be napping at their desks or producing terrible work. Unless your workplace wants to invest in hammocks or ‘nap pods’ à la the Google offices, a simpler suggestion could be to provide employees with good quality, tasty coffee.

Here’s a list of reasons to tell your boss why it’s better to have real coffee in the office, rather than stick with the inexpensive instant stuff.

1. Good Coffee = Higher Caffeine Content

The difference between fresh, good quality coffee and instant coffee powder goes much deeper than just the taste. The difference in caffeine content might surprise you.

Freshly brewed filter coffee contains on average 133 milligrams of caffeine, sometimes up to 200 milligrams, while the caffeine content of instant coffee can range from a measly 27 milligrams to 173 milligrams (if you’re lucky).

So, the next time someone suggests that instant coffee is just as good, you can hit them with the facts. You’re more likely to get a caffeine hit with real substance from filter coffee—a claim that any coffee connoisseur will strongly support.

For optimal energy levels from your lunchtime flat white, opt for a freshly brewed coffee from a café, and steer clear of the cheap lattes from fast food restaurants.

2. It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

These arguments are best applied when convincing your boss to supply your office with at least a сafetière—these are inexpensive and quickly produce great quality coffee. You can pick one up for as cheap as $8.

Of course, if your workplace can stretch the budget for the expense, a fully-fledged professional coffee machine would be well worth investing in for fueling a tired workforce!

3. It Makes You Better at Your Job

Remind your bosses that consuming coffee is proven to improve memory and cognitive function—arguably making you more creative, and allowing you to remember more important points from meetings. You could stretch as far to say that regular coffee breaks make you better at your job (or at least allow you to focus and be more productive!).

Did you know that the oils in coffee also help to protect the brain? They are said to contain neurological anti-inflammatory agents, which prevents the brain from being affected by stressors… Since your brain is vital for keeping you working at your best, you obviously need the best quality coffee available!

Science is very much in favor of breaks at work. Physical movement prevents your mind from turning stagnant, and a nice cup of coffee kickstarts your energy when you return. Exercise improves lung function and enables good oxygen intake, giving you more stamina to aid your work.

It’s certainly in a boss’s best interest to promote refreshment breaks at work. In Europe, coffee and snack breaks have become an integral part of the working day. Take a tip from the Swedish, the Italians and the Spanish, and prioritize taking 10 minutes when you start to feel tired.

As you can see, these 3 important reasons to go for good quality coffee over cheap, instant coffee should make for a winning pitch with your boss. If filter coffee can’t be provided in your office, treat yourself to one at lunchtime, or bring one in a thermos flask from home!