Everyone strives to be in a job that makes them happy and that they genuinely enjoy—however, are there benefits that come along with happiness in the workplace aside from simply being happy? As it turns out, there are a lot of benefits that come with having happy employees in a work environment. Let’s delve into why:

1. People are More Likely to Be Passionate

When someone is happy, they are more likely to be passionate about what they are doing. After all, if you’re deeply unhappy and unfulfilled in your life, it’s hard to get hyped up about paperwork. On the other hand, if you like your job and the values that your organization stands for, then the likelihood about you being more passionate, even about seemingly menial tasks, is much greater!

2. Teamwork and Collaboration Happen Seamlessly

People are much more likely to come up with brilliant ideas while gathered around in the coffee room if they’re genuinely engaged and happy with what are doing. Happy people will much more effortlessly bounce their ideas off one another, brainstorm, collaborate, and communicate about struggles they are facing in the workplace and about completing projects. With this, it is much more likely that workers will come up with creative and effective solutions. Not only that, but after being able to solve problems together and make progress for the organization as a team, office morale is likely to go up in conjunction with that.

3. Enthusiastic Workers Get Things Done Faster and Better

When workers are enthusiastic and happy with their life, they are going to get things done more quickly and efficiently, all the while producing better results. This only makes sense. Think about it: workers who are unhappy will likely spend a lot of time trying to think of other things they can do besides work, like get up and get another coffee, or take an extra long time replying to an email just because they don’t want to get back to what they are supposed to be dedicating their time to.

Those that are enthusiastic about what they are doing will be more likely to throw themselves completely into it, get in the zone, and finally, get results. With this, it only makes sense that happier, more enthusiastic employees are going to be more productive and a better asset to an organization overall. And the data proves it! Studies have shown that happy employees are as much as 12% more productive!

The Verdict

As you can see, having happy employees in the office can make a lot of difference. So why not take some steps to improve office culture today and see how much more smoothly things can begin to run when workers are happy? Of course, someone’s job isn’t their entire life—but it is a lot of it. Workers spend long days and weeks in the office, and those hours feel a lot longer (and they’re a lot more unproductive!) if the workers are not happy about it.

So why not put in a little extra effort to make your office a happier place to be? The data shows that it really pays off—and plus, it just feels a lot more pleasant to spend your time in an office where the people are happy!