Coffee continues to be a highly valuable and tradable commodity throughout the world, helping everyone from busy moms to corporate CEOs perk up and stay on their grind. A well-prepared cup of coffee on your desk is the perfect way to begin the day. But you’ll need to start with the right coffee supplier.

While you can probably get a decent cup of coffee almost anywhere, there is something a little extra special about getting a fresh cup of joe from your office coffee bar. Once, coffee cravers would be lucky to find an outdated coffee pot filled with a lukewarm brew in their office breakroom. Now, most corporate workspaces come with a coffee system that allows for the diverse coffee interests of the company’s employees. Investing in coffee machines and equipment or a coffee bar system for a business goes a long way towards improving employee morale and productivity. Not to mention the host of other benefits that your employees and your office as a whole will experience, just by choosing to install a professional office coffee system.

Having A Coffee Machine In Workplaces Improves Output

It has long been known that coffee is a strong stimulant that aids in the fight against sluggishness and poor productivity. Employees who drink coffee during their workday are generally more alert, have more energy, and are more focused on the task at hand. Throughout the workday, employees will undergo a decline in alertness and mental capacity, due to the production of a chemical in the body, adenosine. Adenosine causes sleepiness and is linked to receptors in the brain that slow down activity.

In order to combat this, many employees enjoy a daily pick-me-up in the form of a caffeinated beverage. But this means that your employees are spending more time out of the office, either in transit or waiting in line for their fresh cup of coffee. By installing an office coffee machine instead, you give your employees the option to stay nearby while still offering them their favorite coffee beverages. By cutting out the commute, it is easy to increase your employees’ overall output.

Coffee In The Office Enhances Networking

Just like the water cooler in office comedy sketches, your employees will love to spend some time chatting by your office coffee bar. This socialization, rather than being seen as a distraction from work, should be viewed as positive interactions between your team. Your business needs to be built like a well-oiled machine, and all of its parts need to be working at top notch. Think of coffee as the life’s blood that flows through your business, helping to connect all of its parts and keep them working their best. Building positive experiences between your employees will improve their moods and help them to better communicate when working on larger projects.

One MIT study showed that office coffee breaks have a positive effect on the relationships between groups in the workplace. Rather than going out and grabbing coffee at a gas station or at a drive-through, employees are more likely to invite their fellow co-workers for a cup at your office coffee station, further building positive relationships in your team.

An Office Coffee Machine Improves The Mood Of The Employees

A Harvard study on women who drank four or more cups of coffee per day showed that these women had on average a 20% reduction in their likelihood of being diagnosed with depression. Caffeine affects the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, preventing their absorption into the blood and improving mood.

While you could offer your employees a simple coffee pot option, you could further improve their moods by giving them an array of coffee selections.

A Coffee Machine Increases Work Ethics

Fortune magazine reports that “people who get too little sleep are [susceptible] to go along with unethical practices at work unless they up their caffeine intake.” In addition to this, many employees tend to overwork themselves; taking few or no breaks and working as many hours as needed to finish a project, even at personal cost. Having a coffee machine in your office can help with this as well. Your employees are more likely to take small breaks if they know that a hot coffee is just a few feet away. These small breaks and caffeine can help to alleviate some of the stress that an employee feels throughout the day, which in turn can help to keep them from overworking themselves.

If your office doesn’t have a professional coffee system rental, then you are missing out on a ton of great benefits for both your employees and your business as a whole. Take advantage of the benefits of well-made coffee in the workplace today by checking out Corporate Coffee Systems.