Your break room is a place where employees relax and unwind, which means choosing the right color is essential. Whether you’re looking for a color that gives a positive and energetic mood or one that reminds your employees of wide-open spaces that energize them for the remainder of the workday, choosing specific colors for your break room can improve the mood of your employees while boosting morale within the office.

Choosing Light or Dark Colors

When painting your breakroom, most designers suggest up to three colors. Too many colors won’t allow your employees to relax and makes it difficult for their brains to absorb. This color selection should correlate with your brand.

Effects of Color Selection

Choosing colors for your breakroom can spark specific moods and feelings for your employees. For example, green is often related to feelings of calmness and while symbolizing vitality and renewal, a great color choice for factory workers. Meanwhile, orange stimulates creativity and imagination; that’s a perfect choice for employees who perform under stimulating tasks throughout the workday.


Light blue encourages peace and serenity and provides your employees with the perception of wide-open spaces such as oceans or blue skies. Having the perception of endless places can give your employees the energy they need to conquer the rest of the workday.

This color is known for its calming effects, such as reducing stress, promoting comfort, and soothing employees. Also known for symbolizing renewal, green can improve an atmosphere and provide refreshing stimulants that it may be lacking.


While it may be too much for some employees, orange is known for being energetic and fun. This color is full of excitement and a great solution for employees who complete repetitive and under-stimulating projects during work hours.

From warmth and restfulness to luxurious and sophisticated, the color purple offers several benefits to your employees. Lighter shades represent warmth, while darker shades bring out sophistication.


A favorite amongst most designers, neutrals, can often become unattractive for a breakroom. It’s strongly recommended that if choosing a neutral color for your employee breakroom to choose a favorable color to accompany it.

How to Make Your Breakroom Standout
Making your breakroom inviting to employees is significant in helping them relax and unwind on the most stressful days. To make your breakroom appealing while standing out, you should consider adding a splash of color to your ceiling and accompanying it with a selection of furniture and décor. By researching complementary and analogous colors, you will form a better idea of what it takes to form a strong impression on your guests and employees.

How to Make a Decision

When you’re searching for color ideas for your breakroom, it can often be a stressful endeavor. The best thing you can do is consider the type of work your employees do and the effect these colors have on their workday.  Selecting appropriate colors can positively impact your employees.