Cold brew is everywhere, in every coffee shop, and even restaurants. It’s a caffeine filled, smooth-sipping way to have your favorite coffee.

The first evidence of true cold-brew coffee comes from the 1600’s in Japan and it’s known as a Kyoto-style coffee.  Cold brew coffee tastes different compared to other coffee methods, even different from iced coffee. It has a unique process creating a distinct, rich flavor.

How Cold Brew Is Made

The method for this coffee can take up to 12-24 hours to brew. The use of cold water extracts the compounds slower than coffee brewed with hot water. It also takes about double the amount of coffee grounds, and coarsely ground beans are recommended. It has a smoother taste and isn’t as bitter as traditional coffee, despite what you might think.

The temperature of water has a big impact on the flavor. Certain compounds require a higher temperature to be extracted. The cold water extracts different compounds slower, making the aroma and sugar components of the coffee more prominent. This is why it is less acidic and may turn non-coffee drinkers to the cold brew craze.

What Makes it Better

The refreshing and chilled style beverage not only delivers a smooth taste, it lasts longer, not expiring within a day. Other traditional coffee drinks tend to spoil and create an acidic and bitter taste the longer they are left out.  Cold brew coffee can be kept in the fridge for a few days to keep ready for in the morning, giving us more time to sleep and more coffee to drink. What more could we ask for?

Making your own can be intimidating, however, there are various ways to make cold brew, and making it at home may be easier than you think. A French press is an easy option. Just fill it with cold water and coffee grounds letting it sit in the fridge for 12-24 hours (the recommended time). Then compress the grounds when you are ready to drink. However, not many people at home have or want to invest right away without trying it first. A cost effective and inventive way to do this at home is to use a mason jar. Just pour water and coffee grounds in the jar, then place a filter over like a lid, then use a rubber band to seal it. Place it the fridge for the recommended time, then pour it with the filter and rubber band still assembled. But don’t stop there! Freeze some ice cubes using your freshly made cold brew to keep your coffee chilled longer without diluting it.

Do I Have To Drink It Cold?

You don’t have to commit to cold coffee with cold brew… as ironic as that sounds. Steam some milk on the stove top or froth it, if you have the luxury, and then add your cold brew coffee. There you have it, a cold brew latte. Nonetheless, as much as we can drink it, we can eat it too! Add a few scoops of ice cream, pour a little cold brew, and crushed vanilla wafers. Bon appétit!

It’s a drink with history and endless creative possibilities. Delivering the smooth, comforting, refreshing taste that can only be created by the cold brew. I encourage you to make a cup today and join the cold brew craze.