The lifestyles and values of Millennials is a hot topic. As this generation moves forward in adulthood, society is learning more about who they are. One area that researchers have paid close attention to is employment. Millennials do things differently than the generations that went before them, and this is no different in the job field. When Millennials look for an employer, they typically have some unique preferences in mind.


The biggest thing that Millennials look for in an employer is an opportunity. Millennials want opportunities to grow and become the best versions of themselves. They want opportunities to lead. They want to have the chance to try something new and be supported whether they succeed or fail. They want to be given responsibilities, and they want to have a chance at making a difference, both in their company and in the world around them.


Millennials would prefer not always to be tied down to a nine-to-five job. They want to be able to work from home if they aren’t feeling well. They want to adjust their hours to accommodate their lives. They want their bosses to focus less on how they get the job done, and more on the fact that the job is done well.

Benefits and Perks

Millennials want benefits that align with their life experiences. Most of these workers have thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Because of this, they look for employers that provide tuition reimbursement and 529 college savings plans. With today’s financial world getting more difficult every day, millennials want jobs that provide retirement savings plans as well. They know that life is expensive, and they want a workplace that will help them with that obstacle.

Aside from traditional benefits, Millennials prefer workplaces with smaller perks as well. They like to feel appreciated, so jobs that provide snacks or coffee can catch their interest quickly. They love their four-legged friends, so a “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” can be a huge hit. Millennials want employers who have a focus on making work enjoyable through food, events, work parties, and similar small perks.

Positive Work Environment

When Millennials are in the workplace, they want to have a positive experience. They want to be a part of a tight-knit community. They want coworkers who get along with each other and support each other throughout both personal and professional life.

The positive work environment involves bosses and supervisors as well. One of the major things that Millennials want from an employer is a good boss. They want someone who supports and invests themselves in the success of their employees. They want their boss to see them as a person instead of a subordinate. They seek out constructive criticism and growth-minded people to lead them in their career.

When Millennials look for employment, they are searching for things that generations before did not seem to look for. Millennials are self-motivated, growth-oriented and life-loving world changers. The things they look for in employers represent these characteristics well.