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Keeping your New York City employees properly hydrated makes them happy and healthy. In fact, hydration is an essential part of employee wellness. Dehydrated employees can experience headaches and irritability. Furthermore, dehydration can also affect their work performance.

To keep your team on track, it’s important to keep them hydrated. Here are three ways a New York City water service improves employee hydration.

Canned/Bottled Water

Canned and bottled water makes it easy to stay hydrated. If an employee is thirsty, they can grab bottled water in the break room through our New York City office pantry service.

To spice things up, offer a variety of flavored waters in your break room. For example, kiwi and strawberry are refreshing flavors. Moreover, flavored water is a healthier alternative to soda!

Sparkling Water

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Sparkling water is a refreshing beverage that you can keep in your New York City micro-market. There are also tons of different options to choose from! This ensures every employee will find a beverage they love.

To promote health and wellness, offer no-sugar drinks in your micro-market. Healthy water options that are loaded with vitamins also make a great choice. Or how about energy drinks? These can increase productivity while keeping your crew hydrated.

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Are you having trouble choosing the best products for your New York City break room? Corporate Coffee Systems is happy to help! We’ll help you find the best beverages for your staff.

Filtered Water

Do you want a greener break room? Then a filtered water service could be right for you! This bottomless option keeps your team hydrated all day long. Employees can simply fill their reusable bottles with delicious, pure water. This eco-friendly approach is a great way to reduce waste. Additionally, there’s always enough water to go around. Best of all, filtered water can enhance your office coffee. Fresh water makes everything taste better!

Give your employees branded water bottles to encourage them to stay hydrated. This will make your team feel appreciated. As a result, employee satisfaction will skyrocket!

Keep Your Crew Hydrated with a New York City Water Service

It’s astonishing that something as simple as water can greatly impact your office. Hydrated employees are more productive and always feel great. This benefits both your team and your business!

If you want to keep your crew hydrated, contact Corporate Coffee Systems today. We’ll help you find the right products for your needs.

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