Great employee benefits make a big difference. For instance, a high-quality break room can boost happiness and productivity in the workplace. Great break room solutions can go a long way. Our New York City micro-market solution is designed to provide employees with food and refreshments they’ll love. Micro-markets are stocked with hundreds of different items for employees to choose from. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, from healthy options to comfort foods. 

If you want to satisfy employees and boost corporate morale, it might be time to consider a New York City Refuel Café micro-market. After all, we can transform the break room into a workspace that employees will enjoy. 

Are you ready to take your New York City micro-market service up a notch? If so, keep reading below. We’re sharing what you can expect when you upgrade to a micro-market. 

What is a micro-market?

Let’s start by breaking down what a micro-market is. A micro-market is a mini convenience store café that utilizes automated self-checkout technology. It is an open market layout with easy access to snacks and drinks. The self-serve kiosks and open concept make it an excellent addition to your office refreshment solutions. 

What are the features of a micro-market?

Since New York City micro-markets are self-serve and self-checkout, they’re open 24-seven. Therefore, employees can get the snacks and drinks they need at any time of the day. Self-serve kiosks make payments easy with mobile apps, a credit card, or a pre-loaded account. 

The best part about Refuel Café micro-markets is that they offer a wide variety of options. Your company’s micro-market can be customized with a mix of traditional snacks and healthy refreshments. As a result, employees will be happy, satisfied, and fueled throughout the day! 

The benefits for employees

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A micro-market is great for employees since they don’t have to go far for lunch or snack options. Not only that, but a modern break room creates a space to collaborate with colleagues. This leads to new ideas, employee socialization, and positive company morale.

Employees will never get bored with their refreshment options. They can constantly discover new refreshments as Refuel Café regularly rotates food selections in order to bring you popular new products.

The benefits for the business

When you provide employees with a high-quality break room, your business will also reap the benefits. For instance, you’ll notice increased productivity, improved company morale, and better recruitment opportunities. In addition, having refreshments on-site ensures that employees don’t need to leave the office for lunch. Having a New York City micro-market is a win for both the business and the employees! 

Subsidize the micro-market

Show your employees they are valued and appreciated. You can do this by subsidizing the micro-market or upgrading to a New York City pantry service. What does this mean? You can offer discounted or free refreshment options. This is a great way to retain your best workers and recruit hot new talent. As a result, employees will feel valued, supported, and energized at the office.

Get started today

So, make every employee’s day better with a Refuel Café micro-market. Trust us, they’re going to love you for it! Enhance your New York City office break room and contact Corporate Coffee Systems today. We can help you build a micro-market that works for you. 

Contact Corporate Coffee Systems at 516.371.4800 or for information about our office coffee, micro-market, or office pantry services. We look forward to working with you!