Looking for a healthy beverage choice that tastes sweet and delicious? Looking for something you can share with everyone that will refresh and hydrate without all the calories of other beverages like coffees and colas? Look to Vita Coco Coconut Water. It makes an excellent choice for serving any time whether you are out running errands or inside hosting a weekly meeting with fellow coworkers.

If you are in charge of stocking the employee refrigerator or you are the office manager in charge of making selections for what to add to the micro-mart’s stock, consider adding Vita Coco Coconut Water. This is a refreshingly light beverage that tastes great, will refresh and hydrate and comes with several health benefits, too. It is better than plain water and healthier than an expensive coffee-shop latte or a traditionally carbonated cola.

What’s in Vita Coco?

If you are new to the idea of coconut water, you are probably thinking that Vita Coco sounds like it must be healthy. But, you may wonder just what makes it such a great option. Here is some information for you:

The beverage is made by one of the leading companies in coconut water production. It is made with 100 percent pressed coconut and contains the water from the fruit as well as some puree and natural fruit sugar. It is packed with vitamin C so it can be enjoyed as a morning beverage to accompany breakfast or it can be enjoyed as a replacement beverage for an afternoon coffee or cola. It hydrates in such a way that the body becomes energized.

The best part about the beverage is that the sugar it contains is all natural and even though there is sugar present, there is less than 1 percent in each serving. It tastes sweet and has tiny bits of soft coconut in every sip.

Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

Now that you know coconut water is made from real fruit and has lots of vitamin C in it, you might be ready to give it a try. Before you do, you should know that there are several health benefits coconut water provides. Vita Coco provides these benefits in spades because it contains the real, pressed fruit and the puree.

The beverage is known to lower blood pressure, prevent heart attacks and even contribute to anti-aging.  It contains free radicals that are known to fight cancer, and it contains trans-zeatin. This is a substance that helps prevent dementia.

The Healthy Beverage Choice Anytime

By now you should be getting a thirst for this delicious, light and healthy drink. If you have already tasted coconut water and know the benefits first hand, and you want to share it with others, know that not all brands are alike.

Coconut juice is great anytime. It makes a great morning beverage, a terrific afternoon drink, and it can be enjoyed at night because it will not keep you up. It contains no caffeine.

Not all products are made with the same attention to purity and quality as Vita Coco beverages are. Choose this brand to get the healthiest coconut water on the market.