Zero Waste Break Room | New York City

It’s no secret that sustainability is a hot topic these days! But what about when it comes to your employee break room items?

Did you know that many job seekers consider sustainability as a top priority in their career search? At Corporate Coffee Systems we offer a variety of sustainable break room solutions. From office coffee to break room supplies, we’ve got what you need to create the break room you’ve been waiting for!

Most people are under the impression that sustainable options cost a lot of money! We’re here to tell you that making sustainable choices may not be as expensive as you might think! Yup, it’s true.

In fact, many sustainable options are found to be cost-neutral or even less than normal or average break room products!

So, you might be asking, “but where do I even begin?” Look no further! We have the best sustainable New York City office coffee and break room products. What are you waiting for?

Sustainable Coffee Pods

Everybody’s favorite morning beverage just got that much better with eco-friendly delicious coffee pods. We are partnered with Reunion Island Coffee Roasters, Roast Magazines 2015 Roaster of the Year.

Our 100% compostable zero waste coffee and tea pods are the perfect addition to any New York City break room or micro-market. Our pod singles consist of freshly ground coffee or tea, enclosed in individually wrapped filter paper. Once done, simply toss the pod in a nearby compost bin. As a result, you will return valuable nutrients back to the soil. Here’s to saving the environment one pod at a time!

Sustainable Break Room Products | New York CitySustainable Break Room Products

An eco-friendly break room or micro-market is a great way to show employees that you care! As an authorized provider of the largest environmental disposable brand in the world, we are proud to offer eco-friendly products for office and foodservice providers.

From tree-free toilet paper and paper towels to bio-plastic cups, coffee cups, and more, we have all the products you need to create an environmentally friendly New York City break room! 

Are you ready to make the leap and create a sustainable break room that exceeds all expectations? Contact Corporate Coffee Systems or call (800) 284-CORP to get started today!