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Can you feel the change in the air? It’s spring! Along with it comes a season for new life and fresh starts. This spring, we’ll help you bring new life to your office break room.

Maybe it’s time to remove those outdated vending machines and replace them with a new micro-market cafe. Or, perhaps, it’s time to refresh your office coffee service and bring the break room back to life. On the other hand, maybe you’re ready for a completely fresh start. We can help you redesign your New York City office workspace with new furniture and supplies.

Take a look at the top ways to refresh your office this spring:

Upgrade Your Break Room with a Micro-Market or Office Pantry

Make your break room popular again with a new break room solution. Get rid of outdated vending machines and choose a modern solution. A micro-market or office pantry can help your employees get through the day with their favorite snacks, foods, and beverages.

Why choose a New York City micro-market? Our micro-markets offer a wide selection of products, including full meals. With a micro-market, your staff can find fresh food such as fruit, salads, sandwiches, and wraps in the break room. Customers check out using the payment method of their choice at a self-serve kiosk. It couldn’t be easier!

An office pantry is another great option. With an office pantry, your employees can access complimentary refreshments. Not only is it sure to boost morale, but it will also keep your employees energized throughout the day. We’ll help you create a custom product mix that works best for your needs.

Refresh Your Office Coffee Service

What’s that delicious smell? It’s the aroma of freshly brewed coffee coming from the break room. We’re here to help you start or refresh your New York City office coffee service.

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It’s likely that your employees enjoy a good cup of coffee. According to a study in The Journal of Nutrition, 75% of American adults drink coffee. Also, over 50% of Americans in a YouGov survey said they liked or loved specialty coffee drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas. Make your employees happy with a premium office coffee service that doesn’t sacrifice quality or break the budget.

We offer a wide variety of coffee options. Choose a single-cup brewer, bean-to-cup brewer, or traditional brewer. We also offer cold brew coffee. Plus, we provide all of the extras like creamer, sugar, napkins, and stirrers. You’ll have a full coffee bar before you know it!

Corporate Coffee Systems can also help reboot your existing coffee service. To restart your service, we’ll deep clean and sanitize your break room equipment. Then, we’ll change the water filter and run diagnostics to get you set up again. The wonderful aroma of coffee will return to your break room before you know it!

Give Your Office a Makeover with Office Universe

A new space can help promote productivity, increase collaboration, and improve your New York City office culture. We can help create a new functional workspace with ergonomic furniture and modern workstations. Plus, we can provide biodegradable cleaning supplies, eco-friendly products, and other office supplies. Our Office Universe team is ready to help. Let us know what your goals are and we’ll work on your custom order.

Refresh Your Break Room This Spring!

In nature, spring is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. Bring that energy to your workplace by refreshing your break room and the whole office.

Contact us at Corporate Coffee Systems or call (800) 284-CORP today. We look forward to helping you elevate your workplace.