In today’s health-conscious world, it can be hard to stave off hunger pangs without adding extra inches to your waistline. Pastries, while filling, are stuffed with carbs and sugars — a deadly double-team that’ll see you packing on the pounds. And while fresh fruits and veggies seem like the natural solution, they can be pricy when out of season, and you can only have so many salads a day before you drive yourself bonkers.

With National Potato Chip Day just around the corner, it’s about time to look for some tasty (and relatively healthy!) office snack options. Here are just a few different types of chips that can make break time much more fun:


Let’s cut right to the chase: veggie chips are not automatically ”healthier” than plain old potato chips just because they have ‘vegetable’ in the name. But if you do your research and pick out the right brands, you’ll find a few offer an entire serving of vegetables in just a modest ounce! Covered in sea salt and baked nice and crisp, these vegetable alternatives are sure to keep you happy and full throughout the rest of your shift.


People have been slicing and frying up fruit since before the dawn of man, but we’re not talking about your nana’s old-fashioned banana chips. These delightful little concoctions are hollow tubes of flavor, ranging from apple-cinnamon to banana-strawberry, low in calorie and high in flavor. Straws aren’t your thing? Dehydrated fruit has always been the reigning queen of Adult Snack-Time, but with more fruit choices, you’re guaranteed to find something you love.


Undoubtedly controversial, because unlike the above categories, yogurt only really comes in one variety. But don’t be so quick to scorn the poor old yogurt chip. They’re almost identical to their chocolate brethren, adding a sweet and delicious coating to whatever they touch, but with the promise of less sugar, fat, and calories, how can you not love them? Toss them in a bag of homemade trail mix or just keep a bag next to your desk for regular snacking to power through the rest of your day.


More of a cracker than a chip, these nut thins are made with almond flour and as delectable as the real thing! Although they’ve only started getting big in recent years, there are already so many promising flavors on the market, ranging from the standard sea salt to fan-favorite sour cream. Eat them plain or with a dip of your choice, and keep the tummy-rumbles at bay.


Alright, yes, potato chips are probably not the healthiest thing you can eat at work, but hey! If they’re eaten in moderation, what’s the harm in indulging every so often? And there’s nothing more fun than biting into the weirdest flavor chip you can find, whether it be Hamburger or Chicken and Waffles. While it’s important to watch what you eat, it’s just as important to enjoy it, so grab your favorite brand of chips and celebrate National Potato Chip Day on March 14th!