5 Reasons to have a coffee maker in the office

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It has been proven to have a lot of benefits for our health as well as for our productivity. Use these tips to make your office a better place.

Research shows that caffeine is a mood-lifter. It also has a significant impact on mental clarity and performance. Moreover, it has recently been identified as an antioxidant. This beverage blocks receptors for Adenosine , which is a compound in the brain that is responsible for drowsiness. This is why people usually drink coffee in the morning to jump start their day. A study conducted by the National Institute for Health found that consuming caffeine before performing pain-inducing computer work lessened pain development as compared to the subjects who did not consume caffeine. Your office needs a coffee maker because of the benefits mentioned above. Plus, here are five more perks that office coffee machines bring to your workplace.

#1: Its a necessity in the office

Office coffee makers can help make your office feel complete in the sense that it is a needed appliance. A proper workplace break room should have a coffee machine along with a water cooler or microwave. We at Corporate Coffee Systems provide innovative break room refreshment solutions from the type of coffee to the sweeteners and creams you want.

#2: Your employees will be more satisfied

Coffee is the secret to having a happier workforce. A coffee machine in the office would make them feel that the company is thinking about their welfare. Furthermore, they would save money since they can get their coffee fix at the office instead of from a store with commercial coffee machines.

#3: You will get a lot of work done

Caffeine facilitates the boost in productivity of your employees. Having a convenient coffee maker would mean higher output from the workforce. Not only would they be able to work harder, they would also be able to work effectively.

#4: Your employees can bond

Think of office coffee machines as the modern water cooler where social interaction takes place. Your employees can take a break and catch up on each other’s work and progress. This can help them relax and boost their morale especially during periods of extreme pressure at work. Coffee breaks lead to an overall improvement in your employees’ productivity. While on these breaks, your employees can talk about personal and work-related experiences. This allows them to share their ideas. It is especially beneficial for those who are working together on one project.

#5: You create a comfortable environment 

Who’s to say that offices shouldn’t be comfortable? Having office coffee machines would lower the rate of burnout among your employees. Again, caffeine is known to boost one’s energy levels as well as one’s mood. A lot of people are coffee drinkers and, chances are, your employees enjoy a good cup of joe every day. Show them how you appreciate all that they do for you and your company through something as simple yet meaningful as a coffee maker. Contact us now at Corporate Coffee Systems for workplace refreshment solutions and innovation.

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