Did you know that coffee is one of the most tradable commodities in the entire world?  Unfortunately, this multi-billion-dollar coffee market can do significant damage to the earth’s ecosystem.   At Reunion Island Coffee, not only is the coffee they have created delicious but also is a very sustainable coffee brand.

Reunion Island Coffee’s owner Peter Pesce has been referred to by the Toronto Star as the “best cupper” in all of Canada.  The bottom line is, he knows his stuff. He understands what makes a good cup of coffee. He has created a brand that has great variety of coffee but also has the ability to fill all types of orders and partnerships.  Reunion Island Coffee is served proudly in fine restaurants, hotels, and many cafes. It can be purchased for home and office use too.

Peter Pesce wanted to make sure his coffee was USDA Organic.  This means that the coffee beans at Reunion Island Coffee were grown in a certain way.  The growers have not used any type of fertilizer or pesticides. They have also refrained from using steroids or growth hormones.  This ensures that the coffee beans from Reunion Island Coffee can be ingested without fear of any type of chemicals entering the body.  This creates a safer bean for everyone.

Reunion Island Coffee also makes sure their coffee beans are certified Fair Trade.  This means that their coffee beans are grown and produced with a set of stringent standards.  These standards ensure environmental sustainability. These standards also make sure the growers and any employees involved in the production are treated well and compensated fairly.

Another great organization Reunion Island Coffee partners with is Coffee Kids.  Coffee Kids is an initiative that aims to help families of the farmers of coffee beans.  Coffee Kids directly works with the regions of the world where the farming takes place.

Reunion Island has partnered with Trees for the Future.  This organization plants a couple trees for every pound of coffee sold in a coffee producing company.  Through this partnership, over 80,000 trees have been planted due to Reunion Island Coffee’s support. These trees are in Haiti, Tanzania, and Brazil.

Reunion Island has continued to evolve their company to become even more environmentally friendly and sustainable.  In 2010, they vowed to lower their environmental footprint by introducing the Reunion Island ecotainer. These cups are completely compostable and replaced the traditional coffee cup that Reunion Island was using previously.

The owners of Reunion Island Coffee find it extremely important to invest in the World Coffee Research collaborative.  This group focuses on finding ways to more sustainably grow coffee while also making sure the farmers and their families are taken care of.

Reunion Island is truly a company who cares.  They look beyond their immediate business and focus on the big picture.  They want to do anything in their power to help both the earth and the regions that are growing their coffee.  And what’s more is their coffee is delicious.