If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you are likely very picky about your coffee. It must be the proper serving temperature, it must have the perfect aroma, and sometimes, you get busy and your coffee grows cold, and you must reheat it. The question is, what is the best way to reheat your coffee so that it retains the perfect aroma and reaches the proper serving temperature?

You don’t want to compromise on quality or flavor when it comes to your coffee. You expect it to be perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, and the aroma must be so tantalizing that you can literally taste your coffee by simply smelling it.

The microwave isn’t the answer, although it is convenient and handy, it’s not going to give you the perfection that you’re seeking. While quick and convenient, it just won’t do if you’re a coffee connoisseur. You want to retain the aroma, and the microwave will quickly break this down leaving your coffee lacking in flavor and pop.

So what then is the answer? It’s quite simple. You don’t have to invest in any specialized equipment, and you can enjoy your coffee whenever you’re ready.

Grab a saucepan, a kettle, or a pot that can be used on your stovetop. Pour your cold coffee into the pan and set it on a burner. Turn the burner on low. Even if you’re in a hurry, don’t turn the burner any higher.

The goal here is to slowly warm the coffee up to serving temperature without burning off the flavor. You’re going to have to be patient.

You can use any pot you have, or you can invest in a kettle or even a good old-fashioned teapot that you can use on your stove top. Just make sure that you avoid the ever-present temptation to hurry the process up.

Good coffee takes time, and your patience will pay off in that if you allow the coffee to warm slowly to serving temperature, you’ll retain all of the robust flavors in the aroma that you crave in your coffee.

Don’t allow it to boil, don’t heat it on anything higher than the low setting on your stove top. If you turn the burner up, you’re going to lose both flavor and aroma.

If for any reason you don’t have a stove top available, consider investing in a thermos to keep the coffee at serving temperature longer. Investing in this thermos will pay off if you don’t have a stove top available.

By contrast, you could also pour your cold coffee over ice and call it iced coffee. While not as good as a hot mug, it will suffice on a hot day and give you the coffee flavor that you’re seeking.

Coffee is always best served fresh and hot, but when that’s not possible, a slow reheat over the stove top will help your coffee to retain its perfection and aromas and give you the fresh aromatic taste that you desire.