When we think of interior design trends, many of us think in terms of our homes, but office interior design is important as well. A well-designed office produces a more pleasant environment for employees elevating the overall mood. It also makes a good impression on clients and visitors, and a convenient layout can enhance workflow to increase productivity.

A new year always brings new trends in interior design, and office design is no exception. If you are looking to update your office in the coming year, here are some trends you will want to look out for.

Dynamic Flexibility

Dynamic flexibility gives employers and employees the option to convert multifunctional workspaces easily. This feature is ideal for meeting the needs of a multidisciplinary business world. To achieve dynamic flexibility, lightweight, ergonomic elements are incorporated such as movable green dividers, television and video equipment and step style seating.

Add Artwork

Artwork is an element that can brighten your employees’ day while making your office seem stylish and empowering. When adding artwork, steer away from the ho-hum like sunsets and bowls of fruit. Opt instead for elevated styles like abstract, renaissance, impressionist, or whatever best captures your company’s aesthetic.

Providing the Comforts of Home

Research shows that employees will be more loyal, more productive, and happier overall if they are in a welcoming environment that provides creature comforts. Therefore, employers are going out of their way to create a more hospitable atmosphere with features like refrigerators, comfortable furniture, fireplace, game rooms, fitness areas and more.

Embracing Sustainability

The world is becoming more eco-friendly, and, as a result, sustainable interior design is becoming less of a trend and more of a way of life. Offices are doing their part by incorporating more wood elements and other green building materials. Live plants and vertical gardens are used to brighten the office and make the air healthier and layouts are designed to bring in more natural light and cut down on energy use.

Office Chic

When it comes to the look you want for your office, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Monochromatic is one way to go. Bring this look to your interior design by incorporating various shades of one color while playing with different textures, patterns, and finishes.

Another option is to bring interesting patterns and colors in the workplace. Experts warn not to go overboard but you can give your office a professional and chic look by choosing an accent wall and decorating it with unique and funky wallpaper.

If you are looking to update the look of your office in the new year, Office Universe can help. Office Universe offers a wide variety of office supplies and furniture as well as design and planning tips that will help you create an environment that encourages productivity and elevates mood.

With a new year on its way, now is a great time to think about giving your office an updated look. What will you be doing to produce a modern vibe that ensures your business is as running as efficiently as possible?