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We care about our clients. We also want to do our part to protect the planet. That’s why we’re proud to offer sustainable break room solutions through our partners. Moreover, this allows us to provide your business with an eco-friendly New York City office coffee service.

Keep reading to learn how we’re making New York City break rooms more sustainable.

Our partnership with sustainable break room suppliers pay off

One of the sustainable New York City break room providers we work with is the Emerald Brand, a Paradigm Group Company. They produce sustainable break room items such as Tree-Free™ napkins and compostable cutlery and cups; many of which are made right here in the USA.  By partnering up with them, we can make your break room greener!

Emerald recently shared our 2nd quarter Environmental Impact Statement. It highlights our efforts at protecting the environment.

– 38 trees saved
– 13,850 gallons of water conserved
– 2,068 pounds of plastic avoided
– 8,528 pounds of waste eliminated

We take the environment as seriously as the relationships we build with our clients. And, we’re dedicated to helping New York City break rooms boost their sustainability efforts.

Discover the brewer that works for your break room

Do you want to increase employee satisfaction? Consider adding better brewers to your break room. You can see and try our coffee brewers in person! Make an appointment to visit our New York City showroom. Here, you can test out our brewers and sample delicious coffee. This will help you find the coffee brewer that fits your needs.

Sustainable | New York City Single-Cup | Gourmet Coffee

Try a bean-to-cup brewer for the freshest cup of coffee.  Or, use a single-cup brewer to customize your coffee with frothy milk. And, there’s always the reliable traditional coffee service for high-volume break rooms that is sure to please the entire office!

Promoting sustainable solutions in New York City

To sum up, our partnership with sustainable break room suppliers helps us protect the planet. Additionally, our brewers will delight your staff. They’ll enjoy freshness in every cup.

To learn more, contact Corporate Coffee Systems at (800) 284-CORP or email today. Don’t forget about our office pantry and micro-market solutions! We hope to hear from you soon.