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A great office pantry service can go a long way. Not only is it an excellent addition to your break room, but a high-quality pantry service can help with recruiting talent and employee retention. It’s a simple employee perk that can make a big difference! Therefore, it’s time to consider upgrading your New York City break room with an office pantry service.

Through our office pantry service, we’ll help you find great grab-and-go snacks and healthy refreshments that employees will love. According to a survey by Peapod, 56% of full-time employees are “extremely” or “very” happy with their current job. That number jumps to 67% among those who have access to free food.  That’s why an office pantry service is beneficial for New York City workplaces.

Benefits of a New York City Office Pantry Service for Employees

First of all, who doesn’t love accessible and tasty food? Employees will be grateful for the nearby snacks and beverages. It’s an easy way to remind them how valued and appreciated they are. Additionally, a New York City office pantry service will save workers time and keep them onsite during their breaks. Therefore, they won’t have to worry about going far for something to eat or drink.

Having a great break room also creates a collaborative space for employees to mingle, bond, and share ideas. It’s a simple yet effective way to improve company morale and social connections in the workplace. Not only that, but having healthy snacks and drinks on-hand can increase productivity. When employees are full and fueled, they’ll have the energy they need to tackle their tasks. As you can see, an office pantry service is a must. Trust us, your employees will love you for this!

Benefits of an Office Pantry Service for Businesses

Office Coffee | New York City Pantry Refreshment | Employee Retention

When you combine delicious snacks with a fantastic office coffee service, you’re setting your business up for success! These break room essentials can be used to recruit prospective employees and set you apart from the competition. And, when you attain the best talent possible, you will reap the benefits of those employees down the road.

When you work with Corporate Coffee Systems, your New York City office pantry service can be customized to your company’s needs. We constantly monitor the products and equipment with the latest technology to ensure excellent service. Therefore, you can ensure that employees are satisfied with your break room solutions. This can help increase office morale and worker productivity, leading to an overall better business environment.

Upgrade Your New York City Break Room

Take your New York City break room to the next level. Learn more about our office coffee, micro-market, office pantry, and water filtration services. Contact  Corporate Coffee Systems at (800) 284-CORP or email today. Our team will help you choose the right products for your office. We look forward to working with you!