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Many people have an image in their head about what New York City break room service is and isn’t. Maybe that’s you and while you want to add some refreshment services to your office, you aren’t sure what will be the right fit. Or if the break room provider even has the services you want?

Not to worry. This blog breaks down the myths about break room solutions. With the facts, you can make an informed decision right for your needs.

Myth #1: You Can’t Get Healthy Refreshments in the Break Room

Many people think refreshment service companies only offer traditional items, such as potato chips and soda. While we certainly do offer those, we have dozens of products to meet any need.

In fact, through our New York City micro-market and office pantry services, we can tailor a menu of products to be healthy. That will include lots of fresh salads and healthy snacks such as trail mix or granola bars. We put in healthy beverages too, from bottled water to unsweetened iced tea.

Myth #2: Only Large Break Rooms can get a Micro-Market

We hear all the time that a company would love a micro-market, but doesn’t have a big enough break room. Au contraire!

We can create custom micro-markets in New York City that fit any size break room. Big or small, we can make a micro-market that works for your space, your budget, and your team.

Myth #3: Office Coffee Service Providers Can’t Maintain Coffee Equipment

New York City Coffee Service | Break Room Office Pantry | Healthy Fresh Food

Ever heard that New York City office coffee service providers don’t have the staff or resources to maintain coffee brewers? Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Corporate Coffee Services maintains all the coffee equipment it places in customer break rooms. And not just coffee. Our dedication extends to our other services as well, such as micro-markets and New York City office pantry solutions. It will never fall on your team to maintain any equipment with our break room services.

Myth #4: Employees Don’t Care About Free Food in the Break Room

There are some companies who believe their teams don’t really care if there’s free food at work. The fact is, they do.

According to a Peapod survey of office workers, for those who had free food, 67% reported being “extremely” or “very” happy. That makes our New York City office pantry service a cost-effective way to boost staff workplace satisfaction.

Myth #5: There Will Always Be the Same Products in the Break Room

You might worry that employees will get bored seeing the same products day after day. The truth is, that is probably correct. However, Corporate Coffee Systems fights against this by often adding new products. We explore all the latest items and popular snacking trends. Putting new items in our New York City break room service, we keep your staff engaged throughout the year.

It’s the Right Time to Upgrade Your Break Room

In conclusion, if you’re thinking about getting refreshment services, there’s no reason to hesitate. We can offer customized, healthy, as well as new items and we keep all equipment running. If you have any more questions, please reach out to Corporate Coffee Services at (800) 284-CORP. Or, email us at We’re ready to bust the break room myths holding you back.