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With hotter temperatures and vacation vibes, summer is the ideal time to refresh your office break room. Make it the cool office hangout spot with just a few updates. One idea is to change up the food and beverage menu in your New York City micro-market. You can also try out a new service that offers your employees something extra special. And don’t forget to bring the fun.

Cold Brew is Perfect for the Break Room

Boost employee satisfaction and keep productivity high with cold brew on tap. Corporate Coffee Systems can bring kegs of Ace Coffee Co. Cold Brew or Wandering Bear Cold Brew into your break room. This offers your New York City employees a delicious on-tap summer beverage.

Go Fresh This Summer

It’s not just the break room drinks you can enhance, but the fresh food as well. Corporate Coffee Systems can fill your micro-market with summer specialties to please your staff. We’ll stock your New York City break room with salads stuffed with fresh greens, wraps bursting with crisp veggies, and snack-sized juicy fruit.

Think About Hydration

Entice your employees to drink more water this summer with our New York City water filtration service. We have equipment that attaches directly to your current water line and filters the water pure, fresh drinking water free from impurities.  Take your water filtration to the next level with a premium water dispenser. We offer water coolers where you pick the flavor you want, carbonation level, and extras, such as electrolytes.

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It’s a cost-effective way to let staff personalize their water and offers them a good-for-you beverage.

Bring in Summer Treats

With the NYC heat, you want the break room to be a cool retreat. To make it special, bring in treats like ice cream to the micro-market. Or you can buy some for the entire office with our New York City office pantry service.

Aiming for something a bit healthier? Bring in fresh fruit. It’s sweet, hydrating, and perfect for supporting wellness goals.

Add Games and Fun

Go above and beyond in the break room to improve employee satisfaction. That includes great eats and drinks, but also games. Add board games, puzzles, and table games that employees can use during breaks. It gives staff a chance to socialize and rest their minds. After all, research shows that a break away from a difficult project, the computer screen, and even email can rejuvenate the brain. That leads to more ideas and higher productivity.

Corporate Coffee Systems Can Give Your Break Room A Summer Lift

It’s not too late to get your New York City break room ready for summer. Think about adding some summer-inspired beverages, food, and sweet treats. But don’t forget about making it a fun place to refresh as well. That will keep staff onsite and feeling energized.

Contact us to discuss summer break room options, such as water filtration or even ice service. We have refreshment service solutions to meet your needs. Reach out to Corporate Coffee Systems at (800) 284-CORP. Or, email us at