After the New Year, it’s time to put the Christmas cookies away! Either start by throwing them out or eat them before they join the New Year with you. It’s hard to say no to all the home-baked goods and candies after Christmas, but it’s best you get back on track and make a New Year resolution: finding healthy snack options for the office.

It’s easy, once you stock the office with only healthy options. With no junk food around, there is not much else you can do than to eat the healthy snacks. Eating healthy during work is vital to your overall health and lifestyle goals. It has even been proven to help improve your motivation and focus in your workspace.

Are you looking for new ways to stay healthy and fit at work? First things first, stay away from candy and bad snacks. Replace the bad snacks with new and delicious healthy snack ideas:

What to Look for in Healthy Snacks

What exactly makes a healthy snack healthy? As you probably already know, you want snacks that have a nutritional value such as protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. These snacks also need to be low in calories, total fat, sugar, and sodium.

Options such as fruit and vegetables are always the best choice, however, they aren’t always the most convenient. Fruits and vegetables go bad very quickly and are also not the easiest items to eat over your paperwork. They also can take longer to prepare. We aren’t saying fruit and veggie snacks aren’t a good idea. Instead, we would just like to recommend the easiest and healthiest options that are most convenient for the office!

Try sticking to these guidelines when it comes to picking out the right snack:

  • Keep the calories between 150 and 300
  • Your daily sugar cap should be 25 grams, so healthy snacks should not be any more than 5 grams of sugar
  • Choose snacks that are low in fat and have no trans-fat. Only 20-30% of fat should make up your daily calorie intake.
  • Make sure you check labels! Your daily sodium intake should only be 2400 milligrams, so your healthy snack of choice should be less than 10% of your daily sodium intake.

Why Do You Need Healthy Snacks?

We all know that eating healthy means a decreased risk of various health diseases and illnesses. Eating a healthy snack rather than an unhealthy one will allow you to add to your daily intake of essential nutrients. All low-fat foods will increase calcium intake, which is needed for healthy bones. Other healthy snacks such as nuts protect your heart and brain. There have also been many studies that prove eating healthy snacks assists with appetite control, increases energy and enhances concentration. If you are eating snacks with high-fat percentages or a lot of sugar then you are slowing your body down and depriving it of what it needs to function properly.

Are you tired of feeling groggy at work? Is drinking three cups of coffee no longer enough? Maybe you need to change your eating habits at work. Every office should have healthy snack options available 24/7 to their employees. It helps to promote healthier lifestyles and creates more productivity in the workplace. Need help on finding tasty and fun healthy snacks? Check out our top recommendations for your office below:

Healthy Snack Ideas:

The best idea for any office is to provide an easy and convenient snack that workers can grab and go back to their desks. You also want snacks that are actually appealing and taste good. Keeping up with current snack trends is important because they are always changing! The most popular healthy snack trend ideas are:

Kind Bars

Everybody loves Kind Bars! These all-natural healthy energy bars are packed with nutrients in flavor. They come in a plethora of different flavors such as almond coconut cashew, apple cinnamon pecan, almond apricot, blueberry vanilla and cashew, dark chocolate and cherry, raspberry cashew and chia, and many more.

Veggie Chips

If you are in the mood for something salty, skip the potato chips and go for the veggies chips. They offer all the salty goodness you crave but without all the bad stuff. They come in fries or flat style chips.


Keeping small packs of nuts or trail mix is always the best idea for a healthy snack. Nuts are the best source of nutrients during a long workday.

Commit to your New Year resolution by stocking your office space with these healthy snacks. Having healthy snacks at hand will make it easier to attain your resolution of being healthier and fitter.