As the world’s most popular beverage, it’s no surprise that the hashtag #Coffee has been used almost one hundred million times on Instagram. With more than 400 billion cups of this nutrient-packed, jitters-inducing beverage being consumed by the world each year, one thing is certain, coffee is continuously on our minds. If you appreciate the beauty that can be had in even the most simple of today’s pleasures, then sharing that unique moment might mean a lot to you. Regardless, everyone loves coffee, and if you’re looking for a few useful tips on how to take better photos of your coffee, then look no further than our handy list of helpful hints:

The Coffee-Setting Naturally Makes for a Good Photo

Let’s be honest, how many good coffee shops do you know that don’t also happen to have a relaxed and modern atmosphere that offers much to appease the eye. Coffee shops have always been a great way to spectate in some spectacular works of art, so why not utilize this natural beauty along with a slew of props and set your photos scene up for success by using the many freebies offered around you.

Note: Be sure to mind yourself and always practice proper coffee shop etiquette, there’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a cup of tasty brew while someone has a camera in your face and is asking you to look off into the distance with a lost look in your eyes.

Choosing your Drink is Key

Choosing the mood behind your image is key when shooting for the perfect coffee photos, and it all starts with your beverage of choice. Depending on the mood you’re looking to convey, here are a few useful tips to remember about how your picture expresses itself.

  • A regular Black Coffee is simple and great for anything business related.
  • Something sweet and fancy like an Iced Caramel Macchiato is more casual and friendly.
  • A single Shot of Espresso expresses an air of confidence and power.

If you’ve found the perfect Barista that crafts only the finest, then your drink of choice is less critical, so long as you know the basics behind setting up a good scene.

Is the Glass-Half-Empty or Half-Full?

A question that has been debated for a long time and will continue being asked for many more years to come. When looking to take the perfect coffee photo, it’s important to step away from the norm and find the beauty in a paper cup stained by spillage during its journey to your table, or in the final sip of liquid begging to be finished.

Regardless, Spread the Love

Taking the perfect photo of your daily saving grace is never a task you should have to struggle to perfect. So long as you pay attention to the basics mentioned in the article above, you’re sure to find yourself at least a moderate level of success throughout your coffee-snapping career. May you continue to spread the love and beauty of coffee to the world for many years to come.