Traditionally, employers have waited until the holidays to show employees that they are valued. Perhaps a few employers partake in Employee Appreciation Day, which is on March 1, but even fewer take the time to show their employees that they are appreciated all year long. Showing employees that they are cared for and valued does not have to be extravagant. In fact, even the smallest of gestures will make a difference for employees.

If employees constantly produce fine work, but without any acknowledgment of their effort, they will likely not stick around at the company for very long. Companies should want to encourage employees and to recognize their efforts on a regular basis, and it is not difficult to do.

Meaningful Conversations

Employees often feel like they are replaceable, especially in large companies. However, managers or supervisors have the opportunity to change this perception in their everyday conversations with their subordinates. Supervisors who take the time to explain tasks and then give feedback upon completion of the task are more likely to have employees who feel supported and valued than those who dish out tasks without checking in on the employee or making time to sit with them to give feedback after the task is completed. Employees want to know where they can improve or what they can do differently the next time they are assigned a similar task.

Celebrate Victories

In addition to having meaningful conversations with employees, supervisors should celebrate their employees’ success. If an employee closes a big deal, supervisors should take the time to recognize the achievement and should make sure that the employee feels valued. Additionally, if a supervisor or manager hears from a client that they had a valuable interaction with an employee, that feedback should be given to the employee, so she knows she is valued by both the client and the supervisor. While it is not necessary for supervisors to always single individuals out, the occasional recognition of an individual to the entire team is valuable and makes employees feel like they are an important part of their team.

Create a Space Worth Working in 

It should go without saying that people tend to be more productive in clean, tidy spaces. Ensuring that the office is well-kept shows employees that the company not only values them but values the space in which they do work. Maintaining a clean office is an easy and effective way to ensure that employees feel like they matter, especially since clutter and debris reduce productivity. The space does not have to be the most beautiful or trendy office space around, rather, simple upkeep of the environment is enough to boost employee morale and to make employees feel like they are valued.

Challenge Them

Every job comes with mundane tasks that individuals would rather not do, but it is important that managers balance grunt work with challenging assignments. Assigning challenging work to employees makes them feel valued and like their work for the company matters. As employees prove that they are able to successfully perform the challenging tasks assigned to them, they should be given a steadier stream of challenging work, and their supervisor should recognize the work they have done.